Here’s the Vital Stats on Paul…and a few not-so-Vital.

Nickname: Pablo, Pody, or sometimes even “Paulliewog”

Birthdate: June 30th, 1975. Same date as my parent’s wedding anniversary.

Astrological Sign: Cancer: Emotional and loving, Intuitive and imaginative, Shrewd and cautious, Protective and sympathetic

Height: 6 Feet, 1 inch.

Hometown: Escondido, California where I lived for almost 20 years

Schooling: San Pasqual High School and bunches of on-the-job training in two careers

Favorite Subject In School: Geometry, taught by G.H. and Mrs. Knight’s English Classes

Least Favorite Subject: Physical Ed. in High School, Math in College.

Occupation: Video Engineer for The Venetian & The Palazzo Casino Resort in Las Vegas (More)

Croutons Or Bacon Bits: Both!

Hobbies: Computers, Internet & Chatting, our Pets, andA good night’s sleep

My First Car Was: 1975 Volvo hand-me-down from my grandparents.

Now I Drive:2009 Hundai Accent

Dream Car: I’m pretty darned satisfied with what I’ve got.

Three Words That Best Describe Me: Responsive, __?__, __?__(beats me right now)

Favorite Food: Anything Sarah cooks.

Least Favorite Food: Anything involving the phrase “Giblets”.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough in Vanilla

Favorite Soft Drink: Mountain Dew

Best Book I Ever Read: Jonathon Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach.

What? I don’t really know if I read that. Did I? Really? I don’t think so? I woulda prolly said “Battle Angel Alita” or “The FreeBSD Handbook”.

Favorite TV Show: StarTrek, BattleStar Galactica, West Wing, Chung-Chung

Favorite Movie: The Princess Bride & ZombieLand

Favorite Music: BareNaked Ladies and NightWish

Favorite Color: Blue (ProTip: My answer to Yahoo’s password retrieval “personal question”)

Favorite Thing To Do On A Sunday: Well, if we’re not at an SCA event, I very much enjoy sleeping in and watching movies all day with Sarah.

Favorite Childhood Memory: Back in my parents house where I grew up a typical Sunday involved Mom in the living room reading, Dad mowing the (huge) front lawn, my sister Cassie watching bad afternoon TV, and me playing on my old TI-99/4a computer or Legos. Everything in life seemed so well put together then. :)

Most Embarrassing Moment: I won’t admit this anywhere else: I was probably 15.. maybe 16. I don’t remember. I was futzing around alone at the end of my parent’s house driveway and like out of a Saturday-morning cartoon, I tripped over legs and scraped the heck outta myself on the gravel. I *Thought* I was totally injured so I started bawling like a soar-toothed two-year-old and our next door neighbor Jamie Wills came running down to see if I was okay. At the _exact_ moment he got to me, I realized I was just fine and had to apologize to Jamie. Gawd, I felt like SUCH a big dork.

Happiest Moment: When Sarah answered “Yes.”

Plans For The Future: Continue with my experience-building work in computer & Internet programming, find a great house with Sarah, and even raise children. And as long as Sarah is with me, I’m sure I’ll be quite happy. :)

I linked to UserFriendly. WTF? Turns out programming sucked as a career. Really shows that I wrote this originally 10 years ago. Now: Make Sarah happy, raise a good child, gain XBox Achievement points.

Shampoo Or Conditioner: Conditioner. Its more important to LOOK good than to SMELL good. ::grin::

One Pillow Or Two: One. Sometimes none, depending on how tired I am.

Favorite Type Of Family Game To Play: Well, there’s this game called “Settlers of Catan” that is GREAT, but a typical family game? Hrm. The domino game “Mexican Train” is pretty lively.

10 years ago talking again there. Now, “XBox360”. Has Settlers of Catan built-in, too.

What Is Your Bad Time Of The Day: 2:00am. Usually I’m asleep, so it really doesn’t matter much.

Favorite Sport To Watch: Heavy Weapons

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