A year of Kieran (1y)

(To the tune of the Oobi Theme Song)

Kieran’s like me
Kieran’s like you
Kieran’s got a lot of big things that he’s gonna do

Kishou’s his dog
She’s big, he’s small
Daddy is his very best friend
Mama loves them all

Oh, Kieran
Kieran, Kieran, Kieran, Kieran, Kieran
He’s got a lot to see
He’s got a lot to do
And he loves Mama and Daddy too!

It’s been an incredible first year, and Kieran has his own song to prove it.

Just minutes old...6 pounds, 4 ouncesIn the nursery, getting checked out with Daddy nearbyDSC_1914.JPGDSC_1936.JPGDSC_2040.JPGFirst Family PicturesDSC_2519.JPGA Saturday Morning Saturday Morning PlaytimeWatching the leaves dance in the breezeSeptember 22, 2010: Meeting with Mr. Giraffe about his strawberry carHappy gurgling baby!Two Wild and Crazy GuysKieran's diaper change on the garage floorKieran wanted to see why Laurel Cat likes this so much.Love those eyebrows! (3.5mo)Kieran takes post-bath modeling very seriously.Trade ya?Chillin with my homies.Mama is so funny!Oh yes Mama, we need onions for the stuffing...Investigating Grampa John's faceAunt Nita, you're so funny!I'm gonna chomp yer nose, Mama!December 8, 2010 - Setting up Christmas LightsPaul and Cassie wtih thier sons on Christmas Evening.Kieran is surrounded by Belgians at Kurt & Cassie's New Year's Eve wedding.This.  Every time we change his diaper.  Roly Poly kid.Kieran, ready to enjoy a slumber party with Grammy & Grampy!Sweet clean little boy!There's a clydesdale watching Kieran!  (In Mama's office, no less!)Funny Mama, Funny Dinosaur, Funny Baby (6m2w)Thicker runny oatmeal is a winner!Pulling himself up is Kieran's new favorite activityA boy and his floaty toys, it's a beautiful thing.Gotcha!  HAHAHAHA!  WHEEEEEnded up letting him have the spoon since he was grabbing for it so much.Practicing crawling on the changing padWaiting for the next ball!Pulling up is Easy Daddy!Pool (19)Would really prefer to not touch the grass!Kieran's First WatermelonDaddy and Kieran goofing around20110423 - Baby discovers direct volume controlDodgers (10).JPGGrampy Tom is such a goof.See Grampa, you mash on the buttons like this...Happy nekkid crawling baby!Kieran loves playing with Kishou!Happy Pool Baby!What you talking about, Doggy?Goodnight Sweet Prince

Happy Birthday, sweet little boy.  Mama and Daddy love you so much.


3 thoughts on “A year of Kieran (1y)

  1. Happy Birthday Kieran! He is the most photogenic kid I’ve ever seen….so squishable too. Funny that he hates grass…I had a grass hater too.

  2. I LOVED, loved, loved, the “Kieran Song” and I had the Oobi tune playing in my head along with it. Love that little boy! Happy birthday, Kieran!! It has been so wonderful to see you growing up through pictures and it looks like you REALLY enjoyed your birthday cake! :)

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