Bathtime is Fun time, we Like Bathtime! (7m2w)

Kieran loves his baths, splashing and playing in the water (usually soaking Mama in the process.)  We sit him on a towel in the tub so he can sit up without slipping.   The “bath seat” that I searched high and low for goes unused because we all can’t stand it.  But Kieran sits up so well now that we don’t think it’s really necessary.  We’ve come a long way from outside baths during the summer, that’s for sure!

[iframe 600 338]

(For best viewing, we recommend clicking the button to start playback and then pausing it until it fully downloads – just takes a minute.  To watch in full-screen, click the little 4 arrows in a square between the HD and Vimeo logo.)

3 thoughts on “Bathtime is Fun time, we Like Bathtime! (7m2w)

  1. The bath seat/tub you are talking about never using…do you have a picture? I apparently tossed mine and would pay you for yours if it’s like what I got rid of and you never use. I can’t find anything like what I use to have and I LOVED it with the girls.

  2. London, you can see the seat in the tub behind Kieran in the video, or check out the pictures I posted this evening. You can easily see it in the full pictures. I’d be happy to send it to you if you’d like it. We used it twice – and now I just use it to corral the bowls that Kieran likes to sling water everywhere with.

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