Daycare Tips? (5m4w)

In light of our sudden need for Daycare, we’re realizing that we haven’t talked about how this will change our routines.  I’m imagining all sorts of good and bad things that might be results of Kieran spending his days somewhere other than at home with Daddy.

So experienced Mamas:  HELP!!  What do I need to know about putting my 6-month-old into Daycare?  I know that every morning we’ll be packing all his pre-made bottles for the day, and dressing him in “outside” clothes (as opposed to the sleep & plays he lives in at home.)  We’ll be packing a whole day’s worth of cloth diapers and extra covers, as well as a large wetbag.  (Eep, I need to purchase a bigger wetbag or two.)  We’ll be packing a spare change of clothes or two as well.  (Once Kieran starts solids, they’ll provide all the baby food – I assume.  The other location did.)

I know we’re not supposed to send personal toys with him.  I wonder about a blanket though.  What about his pacifiers for naptime?  Hrm.  I think I need to make a list to take with us tomorrow on our tour.

Any hints or suggestions would be appreciated.  What can I do to make this transition to this new schedule easier on all of us?  Geez, am I really gonna need two diaper bags of stuff every day?  Eeik.

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