Daycare Tips? (5m4w)

In light of our sudden need for Daycare, we’re realizing that we haven’t talked about how this will change our routines.  I’m imagining all sorts of good and bad things that might be results of Kieran spending his days somewhere other than at home with Daddy.

So experienced Mamas:  HELP!!  What do I need to know about putting my 6-month-old into Daycare?  I know that every morning we’ll be packing all his pre-made bottles for the day, and dressing him in “outside” clothes (as opposed to the sleep & plays he lives in at home.)  We’ll be packing a whole day’s worth of cloth diapers and extra covers, as well as a large wetbag.  (Eep, I need to purchase a bigger wetbag or two.)  We’ll be packing a spare change of clothes or two as well.  (Once Kieran starts solids, they’ll provide all the baby food – I assume.  The other location did.)

I know we’re not supposed to send personal toys with him.  I wonder about a blanket though.  What about his pacifiers for naptime?  Hrm.  I think I need to make a list to take with us tomorrow on our tour.

Any hints or suggestions would be appreciated.  What can I do to make this transition to this new schedule easier on all of us?  Geez, am I really gonna need two diaper bags of stuff every day?  Eeik.

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  1. Although I have never had to do the daycare thing, I know all the anxiety you must be feeling. Putting the care of your baby into someone else’s hands – kind of like handing over Olivia to the surgeons and trusting that they will take care of her. That being said, I would think that you may have a cubby for all of Kieran’s things. That is what the preschool did for Little Jimmy when he was 2. We had a change of clothes and extra underwear/Pull-Ups. Whenever he had an accident, the clothes would come home in a ziplock bag, a reminder that he needed a replenishment in his cubby. I’ll be praying for your heart on Monday! Tell Paul congratulations on his new job! :)

  2. Well congrats to Paul on the new job! The first few days will be stressful but once you get in the groove of things, it’ll get easier.

  3. All (2) daycares my kids have been in provide drawers/bins for the kids so that you aren’t hauling a ton of stuff daily and staff doesn’t have to dig through bags.

    Ask about teacher/room rotation. You want Kieran in a stable room with between 1-3 main teachers so he bonds with someone as opposed to a bunch of floaters. Go with your gut. If it doesn’t feel right take the time to find someplace that does. They do exist.

  4. The daycare Urchin was at I took a big bag of diapers to, and left them there all the time. They told me when they were getting low. Although I doubt that’s something you can do with cloth diapers. I also had two diaper bags, one that I used when I went out and one that was always packed for the day care. It was easier for me to pack a bag when I had time than to worry about it in the morning. Yes, a couple pairs of clothes. I never premade wet bottles, just set a container of formula and they made them fresh for her.

    Urchin took her blanket and a pacifire for naps…I can’t imagine them trying to get her to sleep without them. But no other toys.

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