Family Photos in the Park (7w5d)

Today we all went to breakfast and then went to a park a couple blocks from the house for a family picture session. Tom and Paul scoped out the best location they could in the noonday sun with shade for the Grandmas to sit in while shots were set up.

The pictures came out great, although we all were a little wilted towards the end. Mama and Kieran both got a little sun… oops. We never take Kieran out in the daytime like this, but next time we do, he’ll certainly have his hat on and sunscreen on any exposed skin – that’s for sure!

Click on the pictures to see the whole album of Kieran’s parents, grandparents and great grandparents together for the first time!

Always with the hands in his face, even still...Both sides of Kieran's familyGrampy Tom is such a jokerKieran is starting to grab and hold onto things!Mama and DaddySarah's Grandma Cat & Paul's Grandma Nonny

5 thoughts on “Family Photos in the Park (7w5d)

  1. These are such precious pictures! Kieran is just too adorable for words! Thank you so much for sharing all of his life experiences with us! :)

  2. Great pics. I’m so glad you were able to get so much of the family together and captured on film for posterity.

  3. How fun! I love the family one of you, Paul and Kieran. Also like the ones with all the guys and Kieran – love the one where he is screaming at them! You guys all look great! Sarah, I really like your hair this way.

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