Formula Recall (12w1d)

Similac has recalled a bunch of their powdered formula due to possible contamination with bug parts and larvae.

We found out about this at 8:00pm tonight. The Similac/Abbott website listed in the press release is down due to being SLAMMED with traffic. The phone number they reference for 24/7 help (800-986-8850) is busy for hours. (This all hit the news at noon today.)

The Internets told us that our two plastic containers were on the recall list because they both had “T2” in their lot numbers. So at 9:30 I went off to Target to return the half-used container to get some liquid concentrate formula – which isn’t affected by the recall. We’re holding onto the empty (as of Monday) container that is also a ‘T2’ lot for the refund process.

Paul was able to get a hold of a very harried PR/PIO girl at the Abbott Corporate headquarters at 9:45pm tonight who reluctantly confirmed that yes, any lot number that includes “T2” is on the recall.

This probably explains why Kieran has been unusually fussy, EXTRA gassy and somewhat fitful since Saturday (his 2nd day on the first container of recalled formula.) His diapers have gone from not smelling at all (or smelling like prunes) to being fairly horrible. He’s had the closest thing to a diaper rash that he’s ever had – his little bum is red and the tiniest bit warm. My poor little guy.

Paul and I are both so mad we could spit at this. Not sure if we should be more mad at Similac or the FDA or what…. but we feel like somebody let us down.

I just hope that Kieran’s little system is able to flush out whatever has been irritating it so much for the last few days once we get him on some clean formula. We’re hesitant to switch brands after the hell it was to get him on something that worked – so for now we’ll stick with the liquid concentrate stuff.

(As a total aside…. if any new mamas are reading this and have Similac coupons or rebate checks they’re willing to trade – I’ve got a grip of Enfamil and Gerber rebate checks I’d be willing to trade for Similac ones.)

5 thoughts on “Formula Recall (12w1d)

  1. Oh my God. All of her formula for the last month has been from this lot. This would explain her tummy troubles. I am terrified and furious.

  2. I’m afraid much more than the last two containers for Kieran are from this lot, since I’ve gotten them all from the same Target. I only have the two containers to check on though.

    I’m trying to take solace in the fact that I know there’s a certain amount (ICK) of bug parts and whatnot that are allowed in our regular everyday food all the time. But part of me (a much larger part) is still freaking the hell out that there was something in my baby’s SOLE SUSTENANCE that wasn’t supposed to be there.

  3. I totally understand how you feel. Liam also had some of the tainted formula and he was having constipation issues, fussy, refusing to eat, and not sleeping. I thought there was something wrong, but didn’t know what. I am upset with someone for letting this tainted formula get out. Our babies are little and their immune systems are not 100% yet.

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