Kieran’s First Christmas (5m4w)

(Wow, where has half of January gone?  There is SO MUCH I wanna blog about, but there just doesn’t seem to be time these days!)

The Taylor side of the family on Christmas Eve at Grammy &   Grampy Gorman's HouseKieran’s first Christmas was really lovely.  Grampa John, Great-Grandma Cat and Uncle Oin came out to spend time with us.  We enjoyed Christmas Eve at Grampy & Grammy’s house with Aunt Cassie, Cousin Grant and Great Grandma Nonny.  (Uncle Kurt was still stuck in Belgium due to a horrific series of winter storms.)  It was a lovely evening that ended with family pictures in front of the Christmas Tree.

Kieran contemplates the crudité on Christmas Day.

Christmas Day was a casual affair at home.  We watched football and hung around the house.  I made lasagna for dinner, and Grammy, Grampy, Nonny Aunt Cassie and Cousin Grant joined us here to partake.  We had munchies before dinner, which Kieran thought were fascinating.  (One of many clues that he’s probably ready to start solids any minute now.)

After dinner, Kieran entertained us all by playing with his blocks, showcasing his newly developed ability to sit up unassisted.  We’re loving his ability to do this, as it opens up myriad other toy and playtime options.  There’s not terribly much you can do when you’re always on your back!  Of course, it helps when there’s someone there to help you re-stack your blocks if you ask nicely.

I love my tidy stack of blocks!They're great for knocking over!Won't someone help me re-stack my blocks?

Daddy however, has a mean streak on occasion.  I have to admit, we had to stop laughing before we could help him up.

Yes, like this.  This is how they should be stacked!Daddy is SO mean sometimes.That wasn't nice, Daddy - even if it was funny!

Uh oh.  Getting a little wobbly....And then sometimes, Kieran gets a little *too* excited about his blocks and knocks himself over!

Baby overboard!

Merry Christmas, Daddy!We ended the evening with pictures around the tree, once we showed Kieran the pretty lights and what Mama did with all the handprints and footprints she made two weeks before.Inspecting the tree with Mama and Daddy.

All the ornaments were Kieran's hands and feet!Kieran seemed to approve of Mama’s craftiness, and was happy to gift Grammy & Grampy and Grampa John a set of handprints and footprints for their own trees.  Family pictures commenced directly because both babies were about at the end of their good moods.

Merry little Taylor family including Grandma Cat, Grampa John  & Uncle Oin!Merry little family.Merry Gorman Family: Grammy Jeanne, Nonny, Auntie Cassie, Cousin  Grant & Grampy Tom

A big hug for Uncle Oin before bedtime!Happy Daddy, Tired Baby.

Then it was a big hug for Uncle Oin and a snuggle for Daddy before heading to bed.  Presents from friends would have to wait until Boxing Day.  (And another blog post…)  It was a wonderful day filled with laughter and love.  A perfect first Christmas for our little boy.

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