With crocheted teddy from Auntie Donna (1mo)Loving the texture of Auntie Donna's crochet Bear (3mo)Still loving the textures on the Bear from Auntie Donna (4mo)Blue Bear from Auntie Donna seems to be shrinking!  (5mo)Poor Blue Bear was getting flailed around but good!  (6mo)Auntie Donna's Blue Bear is still a favorite with Kieran  (7mo)Kieran loves the rough texture of Auntie Donna's blue bear (8mo)
Chillin' with Eeyore from Auntie Lisa & Uncle Mikey (1mo)Sitting around with Eeyore! (2mo)Making faces with Eeyore (3mo)Nomming hands with Eeyore (4mo)Sitting around with Eeyore!  (5mo)Sitting up in front of Eeyore, with no help needed!  (6mo)Kieran is big enough now to pick Eeyore up on his own!  (7mo)Chilling out with Eeyore (8mo)
Mama & Kieran self-portrait (1mo)Looking at that other Mama and Baby in the mirror! (2mo)Squirmy baby makes self portraits difficult! (3mo)Self Portrait with Mama #2 (4mo)Self portrait before going for a ride on Air Mommy! (5mo)Mama and Kieran of the right now!  (7mo)
Musical Giraffe from Kym & family in San Diego (1mo)Musical Giraffe is musical! (2mo)Giraffe doesn't look so big anymore! (3mo)Aren't giraffes supposed to be big? (4mo)That giraffe continues to shrink!  (5mo)Kieran is finally interested in the music that the Giraffe makes!   (6mo)Kieran knows the music that Giraffe makes now!  (7mo)
Flirting with the monkey from Grammy Jeanne!  (2mo)Monkey Business! (3mo)Monkey from Grammy Jeanne seems to be shrinking! (4mo)More Monkey Business!  (5mo)Two little monkies  (6mo)Monkey barely fits on Kieran's big noggin anymore!  (7mo)There's a little monkey on Mama's Little Monkey!  (8mo)
Holding the Kangaroo from Becky & Chris in Chicago (1mo)Chilling with Kangaroo (2mo)Practicing kicking with Kangaroo!  (3mo)Kieran likes to pull the joey out from Kangaroo! (4mo)Kangaroo was bouncing with Kieran's kicking!  (5mo)Kangaroo was hopping like mad with Kieran's help!  (6mo)Kieran kept taking the joey out of the Kangaroo's pouch!  (7mo)
Sperm Whale is shrinking! (2mo)The Sperm Whale from Auntie Lisa & Uncle Mikey (1mo)From whence he came.... (3mo)That whale just keeps getting smaller and smaller! (4mo)A tiny whale for tiny hands...  (7mo)
Quality time with Daddy's Brownie Bear (2mo)Hanging out with Daddy's Brownie Bear (3mo)Loving on Daddy's Brownie Bear (4mo)Chilling with Daddy's Brownie Bear (5mo)6 months with Brownie Bear!Brownie Bear survives another month of flailing!  (7mo)Still loving Daddy's Brownie Bear (8mo)
Almost as big as the teddy from Aunt Cassie & Uncle Kurt  (1mo)Catching up to his Belgian Teddy! (2mo)Holy cats!  Kieran is so much bigger than Belgian Bear now! (4mo)About to overtake Belgian Bear!  (3mo)Lined up head to head, Kieran is WAY bigger than Belgian Bear!  (5mo)Kieran is noticing accessories on his toys now, like Belgian  Bear's nice bow!  (6mo)Belgian Bear is good for cuddles!  (7mo)We can actually play with Belgian Bear now!  (8mo)
Holding the crocheted stegosaurus from Auntie Lisa & Uncle  Mikey (1mo)A boy and his dinosaur. (2mo)For a dinosaur, this Stegosaurus isn't very big! (4mo)Green Dinosaurs everywhere! (3mo)It's getting harder to get a still shot with the Stegosaurus!  (5mo)No boy has ever had a better Dinosaur collection!  (7mo)Taking pictures with Dinosaurs is TIRING!  (8mo)

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  1. Dear Sarah, Mama of Kieran,

    Why did I just spend 30 minutes looking at pictures of your beautiful family, especially Kieran? Nobody knows! You have a beautiful family. Best of luck to you.

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