And now you are Two…

(I wrote this a year ago in 2012, but for some reason never published it.  I have every intention of writing a letter to Kieran every year on his birthday – and what better place to keep them than here?)

You’re TWO now, Kieran.  Did you know that?  Does it feel like such a big change to you, like it does to Daddy and me?

You really are an incredible little man, Kieran.  This last year has been so wonderful.  Don’t get me wrong, your first year was amazing – watching you go from a tiny squishy baby to an almost-walking curly-haired little guy was incredible.  Our miracle baby.

But your second year – WOW.  You have become your own person – someone Daddy and I are loving getting to know.  You have opinions and aren’t shy about sharing them.

You love rockets and fish and balloons and trains and fire trucks.  You love to color, but you go on jags where you’ll only use one color of crayon.  (Recently it’s been brown and then black.)  You don’t like to be messy, which makes typical toddler activities of finger painting and exploring new foods a bit of a challenge.  You are the only kid I’ve ever seen to ASK for a napkin so you can wipe up during your meals.

You are a whiz when it comes to the iPads (which you’ve taken to calling “My iPad” of late.)  You can pull up your favorite games or your favorite shows without help from us.  You color with the coloring apps, and enjoy the Elmo Potty app quite a lot these days.  Our phones present no challenge to you either.

Speaking of Potty – you’ve decided to take a whack at that now as well.  You’ve been off and on for a few weeks now, but you tinkle in the potty really well.  Daddy and I don’t mind changing your diapers though, so we’re not going to push you on this.  You tell us when you’re ready, OK?  Mama has cloth training pants all ready for you.

You talk, son.  You are so much like me right now in that you never stop talking, much to Daddy’s chagrin.  You tell us stories.  You talk (and SING!) to yourself.  You tell us about your friends at school who are riding on your trains and where you’re going (usually to space!)  You’re using full sentences, and asking questions.  This morning you saw a picture of cookies on the computer and you told me “Mama, go in kitchen.  Make cookies for Kieran.”  Cheeky little monkey.

You’re growing so fast too.  Not as fast as you did when you were a baby – but I’m afraid you’re going to outgrow your 3T clothes (that you got in right after your birthday) before it cools down enough for your (mostly long-sleeved) 4T clothes.  We swear we can hear you creaking in bed at night as you stretch taller and taller.  (I just made you a huge ruler so we can track your growth at home.)  You can reach things on the counter and flip light switches without a stool now.  But if there’s something on the counter you can’t reach – or you want to help me make something in the kitchen, you know to go get one of your stools or chairs and bring it over.  You’re a good helper in the kitchen, helping me pour, and crack eggs, and stir.  You like to watch me make dinner.

My favorite thing you do right now?  You sing with me, especially at night before bed.  We sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” as we look at the stars on the ceiling and play ‘Hide the Moon’ with your light-up turtle.  We sing “You Are My Sunshine” just because you are my sunshine.  And then we sing your lullaby – a song called “Godspeed” that I’ve been singing to you since you were born.  You don’t know all the words, but you sing along to parts of it – and your little voice is so sweet.

Kieran, I hope you know how much you are loved.  We’re always kissing you and hugging you and asking for hugs and kisses.  (You’re usually pretty good about giving them too!)  I worry that we’re going to spoil you, because you’re an only child.  But I’ll never worry about loving you too much.  You are the best thing Daddy and I have ever done.  You make us so very happy, just by being you.

I know this year is going to be amazing for us all.  Thank you for being such an incredible little boy.  I am so lucky to be your Mama.  I love you so very much.

Philadelphia, July 2012


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  1. This is as good or better than a ‘Baby Book’. I was quite remiss in writing in my children’s books. Of Course, I was pretty good in writing in John’s, then Juanita’s isn’t too bad, but by the time Charlotte came along I was ‘too busy’. In that respect Kieran is lucky to be an only child. Both aspects of childhood (only child vs siblings) has it’s advantages. With all the people in Kieran’s life, he really made out, Sarah, Paul, Uncle Oin, Aunt Cynthia, Aunt Cassie & Uncle Kurt with Grant & Gracie, Auntie Lisa & Uncle Mike, Ompa & Oma, Papaw & Granma Cat, Nonny and lots of friends. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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