Mr. Mom? (21w1d)

So, as of Friday we are a one-income family. An extraordinary set of circumstances came together to deprive Paul of his job. He’s in the process of fighting the (wrongful) termination, but we don’t have much hope in the prospects. Neither do we have much hope as of yet that unemployment will be forthcoming.

Prayers would be appreciated.

In the meantime, we are fleshing out the details to continue medical coverage for us – either through COBRA or through my employer. I can’t get on with my employer until April 1, so COBRA will probably be needed for this month at least, no matter how expensive it is. I have another appointment on March 24th.

If unemployment isn’t contested, we’ll be OK if we keep an insanely strict budget. If it is contested by Paul’s former employer, life is gonna get un-fun with a quickness. Paul is looking for jobs (and has been since this whole episode began two weeks ago) but with unemployment at 13% in this county, open jobs of any kind are thin on the ground.

We’re trying to see the silver lining in all of this. Paul has been able to use this time off to work in the office to turn it into a nursery, which is a really crappy task of dismantling and unloading our office/junk room. He’s making progress, but there’s still a week’s worth of work to do in there before painting can begin. He’ll be able to attend his Grandmother’s memorial service in Orange County next month. He’ll be able to attend all the upcoming childbirth/childcare classes that I need to get a move on scheduling. He’ll be able to attend the baby shower. (All of these last things were going to be HUGE fights to get with his old employer – even with a bunch of paid leave saved up and FMLA for the baby-related stuff.) So there is a silver lining to this. And if it comes to it, the baby won’t go to daycare if Paul is still at home.

But prayers for job openings and unencumbered unemployment processes would be appreciated.

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  1. Oh no! I’m sorry! We’ll be praying something comes up in the job market for him…something that will allow him to have the time off that he needs too. :)

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