Inducing (19w5d)

In response to a question posed in a comment, here’s a little about what is currently planned –

Dr. Schwartz has suggested that I be induced a week before my due date for a couple of reasons:

  • Diabetics tend to have very large babies (10lb+ isn’t uncommon.) The baby is full term anytime after 38 weeks, so pulling it a little early just means the baby is smaller. Smaller babies have an easier time being delivered vaginally, and have fewer blood sugar issues after they’re born. It’s common for large babies of diabetic women to have higher than normal blood sugars for a few days after delivery. The smaller the baby is at birth, the less this is a problem. We’re still expecting the baby to be ~8lb on delivery.
  • Dr. Schwartz really wants me to have a vaginal delivery. He feels that at my size, recovery from a c-section would be harder than average. Also, there’s a lot of benefit to the baby by being delivered vaginally. It releases hormones that finish maturing the lungs and helps to ‘wring out’ junk and fluids from the lungs and sinuses. Neither of us are opposed to a c-section if it becomes necessary, but a vaginal delivery would be preferred.

At this point, I have no problems going along with Dr. Schwartz’s plan. Whatever he feels will be best for the baby (and me) is what I want. I trust my OB to guide me in this. (Gotta say, I really LOVE Dr. Schwartz. I can’t imagine going through this process without such a great doctor.)

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