Still here (36w4d)

Quick & Dirty update:

  • BP was 155/99, so in the unhappy-ish range and up from Monday.
  • Monitoring went well (no buzzer needed)
  • Fluid is back up a bit to 5.7 (although Dr. Schwartz told us on Monday that he has a sneaking suspicion my fluid has always been a little higher than AFI readings are saying – just because on someone of my shape and size there’s more ‘nooks and crannies’ for fluid to hide in. Doesn’t make visualizing them or getting to them for an amnio any easier – but it does explain why he hasn’t been all Chicken Little like the nurses for the last two weeks.)
  • Gave blood and pee to re-check stuff and was sent home (as opposed to the hospital.)

If I wasn’t scheduled for induction on Sunday, they’d be having me do a 24-hour urine starting tomorrow. So thank God for small favors.

Worrisome upper belly pains + increasing headache + vision changes are making Dr. Schwartz look at me funny, but he let me go home today, so I consider that a victory. It’s possible the lab results will change that tomorrow, but we’re thinking positive. In the meantime, I’m trying to lay low – which is fairly easy today cuz I kinda feel like crap between an upset tummy, headache and the upper belly pains.

I guess I should clarify that the induction on Sunday isn’t something we’re expecting to go especially quickly. At not quite 37 weeks, I’m high and tight (not dilated or effaced at all) so I’m assuming it’s gonna take at least the full 12-hour cycle of the Cervidil to get things moving, if not a second round. (Our prepared childbirth instructors warned that it’s not at all uncommon for two rounds of Cervidil to be needed for induction before 38 weeks.) I’m not contracting anymore though, thank goodness. If the contractions from the amniocentesis had continued more than 8 hours or so, that would have been a problem. So while a shared birthday with Daddy is possible for June 30th, I’m not aiming for it. Personally, I think the little guy is gonna arrive on the 29th – but the 28th would be even better! As always – safe and healthy baby and Mama is all we’re after, however that comes about.

I’m back at Dr. Schwartz’s office on Friday for monitoring and possibly an amniocentesis if there’s a big fluid pocket that the doc of the day (not Dr. Schwartz) feels like trying to stab at. (Uug, that sounds gross, doesn’t it?) I’ll say goodbye to the girls in the office who we’ve gotten friendly with (I swear, it’s like Cheers when we come in now: a chorus of “Hi, Sarah” wafts out of the back.) If I end up with a Cesarean, I’ll be in the office for a follow-up at two weeks. If I manage to do a vaginal birth, I won’t see anyone in Dr. Schwartz’s office (including Dr. Schwartz) for six weeks. (He’ll still manage my insulin and meds during that time, but we’ll do that via email only.)

So, in the meantime I plug away at work stuff and Paul tries to keep me from working too hard. :)

5 thoughts on “Still here (36w4d)

  1. Have you thought about taking some primrose oil? That applied directly to the surface of the cervix helps soften it naturally. I think using that the week before my labor is the reason I was 7cm dialated with him at a -2 station. Just a thought :)

  2. Yep. Sure did. Asked Dr. Schwartz if I could/should be taking anything like that or Red Raspberry Leaf tea about two weeks ago. He said absolutely not.

    I figure with everything else I’ve got going on and all the meds I’m taking, it’s best not to futz with it. Possibly some interaction that we’re not aware of, ya know?

  3. Very exciting!

    My ob used to cite me as “green as a gourd”. I carried both kids high, neither dropped until labor. And I never dilated or effaced early either. I know people who walked around at 2-4 cm dilated and for weeks! It was hard active labor work to get to that point for me!

  4. Tried foot rubs? May help with relaxing and may get things moving along quicker on Sunday.

  5. I used evening primroe oil and red raspberry leaf tea and I attribute that to how quickly I progressed at home on my own. I asked my doctor about it and they also said absolutely not, but that’s just their “cover their butt” response. I was not on an other medications though, so I think you are right to be cautious. Thinking positive for you toay!!!

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