Four month comparisons! (4m2w)

(Yeah, I know I’m mixing it up with the timestamping of titles… I dunno how I wanna do them now.)

I did Kieran’s 4-month comparison photos within a day or two of his 4 month birthday, but it took me a little bit to get them up into the gallery and then I just haven’t had a chance to write a post.  Sorry!

I cannot believe how big Kieran is getting!  He’s smack in the 50th percentile for his age, but he seems so big now!  He’s blowing through clothing still (much to my sister-in-law’s joy since she’s getting hand-me-downs like whoa) and is reaching farther and standing taller all the time!  (I blogged that his feet almost touch the platform on his exersaucer two weeks ago…. yeah, he’s got both feet on the platform now.)

So anyway, if you’re interested, click away to see the Monthly Gallery with 4 month photos included!

Chillin' with Eeyore from Auntie Lisa & Uncle Mikey (1mo)Sitting around with Eeyore! (2mo)Making faces with Eeyore (3mo)Nomming hands with Eeyore (4mo)

2 thoughts on “Four month comparisons! (4m2w)

  1. Holy crow – four months already? Where is the time going?? I can’t believe how big he is getting – and, he is still the cutest baby EVER! :)

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