First Family Photo Session (4m3w)

I gotta say, the folks at the PictureMe photo studio inside Walmart have their schtick down.  I got hit up in the baby medicine aisle at Walmart by a young lady with a clipboard.  She had awesome coupons with her, and I was sold.  I made an appointment for two weeks later.

We lucked out that our appointment on Saturday fit with Kieran’s schedule for the day – at 10:00am he was 20 minutes up from a nap, dry and had a snack.  Paul and I made sure we looked presentable, but the focus was on our little man.  The photographer girl was good at her job and tried to get poses of just Kieran to start with.  But since he can’t sit up unassisted, and he HATES being on his tummy for anything, most of the kid-only poses don’t work right now.  No worries though.  We were able to get some great photos with all three of us, just Mama+Kieran and Daddy+Kieran, and one of just Mama+Daddy.

Another candid that actually turned out pretty good!The photographer girl was good though – as I held Kieran and entertainedKieran loves to stand with help from Mama & Daddy! him while she was readying the camera for a different shot, she noticed that we were having a good time and kept clicking that shutter.  One of the two ‘official’ Mama+Kieran pictures came from those candids.  She was cool with suggestions too – Paul suggested a pose where we hold his hands, but he’s the focus of the shot.  It’s one of our favorites.

We took a while to look at the photos as the photographer added vignette borders and cropped them.  We were obviously not her average customers, with our combined photography & design experience.  (Paul and I both were fondly remembering photo sessions with Kim Plahuta a billion years ago too.)  She showed us some custom things they do with photo collages, which I was surprised that Paul liked as much as he did.  When it was all said and done (they’re smart to have you look at all the pics for a while before they spring the prices on you) the package we ended up getting was more than I expected to pay, but less than Paul was thinking – and because our photographer liked us, we got some extra big pics thrown in.  But the best part is that in addition to the prints we have coming, we have the CD of all the pictures from the session now.  So without further ado:  The Gorman Family.

Happy little family.Collage PrintInformal Family B&W

5 thoughts on “First Family Photo Session (4m3w)

  1. Wow!!! Those are some totally awesome pictures!!!! You all look great and Kieran looks SOOOOO happy. Thanks for sharing them!


  2. Beautiful family pictures! I never would have thought they were Wal-Mart pics – your photographer did an excellent job! I had a very hard time picking a favorite. :)

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