Señor Pie y Señor Pie

In the last two weeks or so, Kieran has been party to numerous Cross-Border Summits.  Mr. Hand and Mr. Hand have been working diligently to establish relations with their new friends from the South, Señor Pie y Señor Pie.  (Pronounced “pee-ay” – for those not up on their Spanish.)

Currently these important meetings can only occur at the diplomatically neutral location of the changing table, as cloth diapers present too fluffy a butt to surmount at their current (relatively short) distance apart.  Presumably as both parties become more familiar with each other, they will meet with greater frequency and in other locations.  (Translated: once Kieran grows a little more his more bulky cloth diapers won’t get in his way so much.)  In the meantime, Kieran looks like a little fart cannon as he tries his best to get his feet into his mouth during lengthy between-diaper nakey time.

Yes, Paul and I are obsessed with our sons hands and feet.  We don’t see this as a problem.

Oh, and also two weeks ago: Kieran found his thumb.  :)

LOVE those hands and feet!

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