Milestones, or something (15w1d)

Lest is sound like we’re all work and no play around here…Outtake from 3 month self-portrait with Mama

Kieran is developing at lightning speed! He grows and changes before our eyes – every day he’s reaching farther, kicking harder, standing longer, cooing and giggling louder, and just astounding us with how enchanting he is, discovering his world.

Kieran reached out, grabbed Mr. Giraffe and held on to nom on his ears!  First time to grab a toy and hold on!In just the last few days, Kieran has started to reach out for toys and grasp them. He’s able to actually hold onto lightweight toys now, and is starting to bring them to his mouth. He’s starting to put things in his mouth (or try at least) and nom on them for a bit.

Paul's baby girl and his baby boyIn his several-times-daily baby gym time, he’s reaching for and *hitting* the dangling aeronautical vehicles far more often now. And with a little help from Daddy, he’ll grab and hold onto them as well! Oh, and since Kieran frequently shares his gym with Laurel Cat, we’re helping Kieran learn how to gently pet the kitty.

Om Nom hands!Kieran turns and looks in response to Paul’s and my voices. I wouldn’t say he responds to his name quite yet, but he’ll look around when he hears us – especially Paul. Daddy is Kieran’s bestest friend – but don’t tell Mr. Hand and Mr. Hand, they might be offended. Kieran still has regular confabs with them about everything.

Kieran is an absolute joy to us, especially before 7:00am, cuz WOW this kid wakes up in a good mood. How Paul and I managed to produce a morning person is beyond both of us. God apparently has a sense ofSweet little man. humor. At this rate, Kieran will be a total sports-obsessed jock too. Whatever he turns out to be, he’ll always be my little boy. My little angel. My little Prince.

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