Not a real update, just Photos (11m3w)

I am so far behind on posting, I feel like I’ll never catch up.  (Between the plague that was on this house for 5+ weeks, and life in general…. )

Kieran is almost walking, he’s almost talking, he’s almost eating chunky stuff. He laughs and babbles all the time. He terrorizes the dog and cats as often as he can. He stacks the rings on the ring stacker and puts the shapes in the right holes on his shape sorter. He loves to play with kitchen utensils, so I got him his own whisks and measuring cups and colanders at the $.99 store.  He crawls and cruises at light speed, and follows us around the house.

He is incredible. And SO VERY BUSY. I know we’re going to spend the next 2 years chasing him.

Here’s a typical weekend day these days with our very busy baby:

What you talking about, Doggy?Shaka-ShakaStolen from Mama's kitchen drawers...

There are, of course, more pics….