Photo Blast (10m)

I was gonna title this post “Photo Bomb” but I realized that has a whole new meaning these days. :)

So even though I totally fell down last month in updating the blog, we still have been taking pics and video of Kieran – when he’s feeling up to it. We attended Grampy Tom’s company picnic, went swimming again, and Kieran has been enjoying new-found freedom as he crawls all over the house!

Kieran loves playing with Kishou!Kieran helping with the baskets at the Co-OpPlaytime with Daddy's Camera

Kieran’s 9th month was a busy one filled with growth and milestones. He crawled, pulled up, and cruised for the first time all in this last month. He’s eating way more, of an increasing variety of foods (as long as they’re not green.) I’ve been increasing the texture of his foods steadily – eventually he’ll get into chunks and pieces. For now he’s content with the occasional melon to chew on, but he still spits out any chunks he manages to bite off. He’ll get there in his own time.

Kieran's First WatermelonKieran's First WatermelonKieran's First Watermelon

Oh, and his favorite color is Orange. Give him a box of toys, and he’ll pull out the orange ones first. His favorite thing in the house these days is the orange circle from his shape sorter set. He carries that around with him.  It’s so great to watch him playing with toys (or our ipads) or enjoying time in the pool.  As much as we want him to stay our little baby, it’s so incredible to watch him becoming a little boy.

Happy Pool Baby!Happy family of 4Baby has places to go!

Even as I start making plans for Kieran’s first birthday party (June 25th) I refuse to accept that this first year of our son is coming to an end.  What an amazing kid we have.  Paul and I ask each other every day how we got so blessed and lucky to have this little guy in our lives.

Dancing with Mama before a diaper changeKieran has BabyLegs (leg warmers) to protect his knees while  crawling.Kieran and Daddy had a busy day...

There’s a whole bunch of new pictures in several galleries:

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  1. “Paul and I ask each other every day how we got so blessed and lucky to have this little guy in our lives.”

    Just so you know, this will never change. Darren and I still say that to each other about all three of ours…even the middle imp.

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