Thankful Heart (7m2w)

I’m starting my weekend with a thankful heart.

  • Thankful for my beautiful son who does an impressively loud pterodactyl impression.
  • Thankful for my husband whose face lights up as much as my son’s when they see each other.
  • Thankful that my husband and I are both gainfully employed.
  • Thankful for my Aunt Nita, best friend Lisa and her husband Mike for gifting us with the crib, mattress and sheets that Kieran sleeps on every night.  He’s filling that crib so much more – it seems to be shrinking now!
  • Thankful for my brother Oin, his wonderful girlfriend Cynthia, our friends Sibyana & Cheri, and my co-worker Kate for all of the bits and pieces that make up Kieran’s bathtime.  He sits up in the tub and splashes while laughing his little head off now!
  • Thankful for Kieran’s Great Grandmother Nonny for his stroller, in which we took a walk around the neighborhood this evening because it was just too lovely an evening to go directly inside.  Kieran loves to sit in the fully reclined stroller and watch the world go by.
  • Thankful for my Philadelphia friend Kelly for all the care packages of baby stuff, including the (currently in use) baby food freezing trays and the baby food cookbook so I have some idea of what I’m doing as I make the fresh baby food Kieran is enjoying these days.
  • Thankful for another weekend to spend with my boys.

1 thought on “Thankful Heart (7m2w)

  1. And I, dear Sarah, am thankful to have you in my life and extremely thankful that you and Paul were blessed with such a beautiful baby boy. Love you guys!!

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