Christmas Eve pizza (11w)

This week has been a heckuva week. The nausea that I’ve been mostly able to avoid has snuck up on me several times. Including today.

Today I was off work, with only plans of a quick errand or three and making the Gorman Family Christmas Eve Traditional Northern Italian Lasagna. I made the Bolognese sauce on Sunday, so it wouldn’t be all the huge of a production to make the lasagna today. But for some reason, I was pretty nauseous all day. Making the lasagna (looking at and smelling the sauces) was almost more than I could handle. But I got it made and baked off beautifully in the oven.

Paul and I arrived at his parent’s house with piping hot lasagna and ready-to-be-baked garlic bread. Dinner was served within 30 minutes, to everyone’s great delight. By all accounts, this year’s lasagna (which Cassie had really been looking forward to) was a big success. I wouldn’t know. I took a tiny bite and could barely choke it down. I managed to eat my salad and drink my milk, but that was it. I’m pretty disappointed. I really want some of my lasagna – but it ain’t happening tonight.

I was feeling so crappy, we begged off going to midnight mass with the family. So on the way home (after taking Nonny home) we stopped at the store for more milk. If nothing else, I figure I can get some Raisin Bran down. But while wandering the (surprisingly busy at 10pm) store, I come to the realization that a frozen pizza might work.

So here I sit, typing this post 20 minutes later as the oven bakes my cheese pizza. Here’s hoping.

Merry Christmas Eve, folks. Maybe I’ll leave a slice or two for Santa. He’s probably sick of cookies by now.

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