Gifts for baby at Christmastime (11w4d)

This year’s Christmas was very family-centric. Gifts were not a priority, and it was kinda nice actually.

But we have received baby things from two good friends, so it’s kinda like the critter already has had a Christmas!

Kelly & Caroline both had their first babies this October. Kelly (Gnome around these parts) was a co-worker who abandoned me to go back home to her beloved Philly. I tease. I miss her terribly, but am comforted by the fact that she’s eminently happier back in her hometown than she ever was here in Vegas. Caroline is a current co-worker here in LV. Funny how they both got pregnant within two weeks of each other.

So I am very lucky to have two friends who are a WEALTH of recent pregnancy knowledge. I can e-mail them with “OMG, what is happening to me?!?” questions and get immediate reassurance that I’m not about to explode or anything. Kelly has been great about giving details of what it’s really like to live with a kidlet – Paul has been especially glad to read her e-mails about that.

What this also means is that I am the prime recipient of hand-me-downs already! Kelly & Peter sent a care package as soon as I told her the good news (yes, she knew well before the rest of the world – sorry, but not everyone could know at once!) with a couple of books, a DVD on how the heck to care for the critter and the first baby blanket we’ve received. We’re looking forward to digging into the “What the heck you really need for this kid” book. Caroline’s little girl has outgrown her size1 diapers already, so Caroline gifted me last week with a big bag of packages of diapers, some pacifiers, and other random baby stuff that isn’t needed anymore.

It’s really very neat to already have baby stuff. Granted, I have nowhere to *put* any of it yet, but it’s still neat to have. And if it turns out I’m having a girl, I’m already signed up for hand-me-downs aplenty! :)

Thanks, girls. I really appreciate everything.

6 thoughts on “Gifts for baby at Christmastime (11w4d)

  1. Hannah has been the greatest gift in my life. I am truly blessed and am excited you will soon have the same experience. 2009 has proven to be a fantastic year for both of us, and 2010 will surely be the same!

  2. I have no recent pregnancy knowledge. All of my pregnancy knowledge is 13 years old. I can tell you all about life with teenagers though :)

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