Dry Run Results (30w4d)

So we had a good time last night testing out the UStream system. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and got a tour of the nursery! We discovered a couple of things about interactive broadcasting with UStream:

  • Lag kinda sucks. There is a lag between what’s happening in front of the camera and when it shows up on the webcast. The speed of your connection seems to make a big difference. But as long as the camera stays fairly stationary, there don’t seem to be any problems with things getting chunky. The camera will mostly be sitting on a tripod during the shower, so this shouldn’t be a problem.
  • In order to participate in the chat feature to interact with us during the shower, you must have a UStream account. (Yeah, we’re not happy about it.) You can use your Facebook or Gmail or Yahoo account to get started, but you’ll still need to create a UStream username and password. Or, you can create a UStream account from scratch on the main UStream.tv website, or when you try to click in on the chat window for the first time, it will pop up a login dialog box that has a “Sign Up” option as well. It would probably be best to set up a UStream account before Saturday if you can.
  • I need a script. I end up babbling kind of a lot if I don’t have a script. Also, arm flailing commences pretty quickly.
  • We’re gonna do it again tonight for anyone who wants to give it a shot (Aunt Nita, I’m looking at you…) or who wants to watch as I make Oreo Truffles. (Yes, see I’m not below bribing friends to come to the shower – if you come, you get Oreo Truffles!) We’ll get going around 6:00pm, but I’ll be working for a while, cuz it takes a bit to form all the little balls, and then they have to chill before they can be dipped. I’ll work in batches though, so you guys can see the dipping process without waiting until midnight. :)

    If you have a problem getting in on the UStream chat thingie or you don’t have sound – please Skype me or txt me to let us know so we can fix it. Just click on the Webcast link above to join in on the broadcast!

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