Fairytale Girls (9w5d)

I’m part of a great little private community that we refer to as Fairytales. We all met 11 years or so ago as we were all planning our weddings. We were/are members of an internet discussion board (forum) where we talked about our plans to no end. And here we are 11 years later, with the kid count somewhere above 20. I don’t think any of us thought we’d still be actively talking daily/weekly this far down the line, but I consider these ladies (about half of which I’ve actually met in person) to be some of my closest friends.

It’s been kinda hard over the years to watch them go through multiple pregnancies, but at the same time it’s been a joy to share in their lives and glean the wisdom of 20+ pregnancies. I am the last of the married girls to get pregnant, but all the FT ladies are thrilled for me, and are here now reading this blog.

So this is just a little shout-out to my FT girls. Thanks for waiting for me ladies, and for being so happy for us.

5 thoughts on “Fairytale Girls (9w5d)

  1. Yes, Sarah, we are all thrilled beyond belief for you! For nearly 7 years, even after adopting, I felt what you have felt over the last many years. When you posted I squealed and got all teary eyed myself. I was so excited for you because I know what an amazing and awesome blessing this baby will be for you and Paul. However, I also know what an awesome blessing you and Paul will be for this wonderful little one! I am so excited to be following your pregnancy, my dear friend. Love you lots!!!!

  2. I am so happy for you! I am loving your journal and wish I did that when I was pregnant with Ryan. It took about 10 years for me to get pregnant, so I know what it is like to be plus sized and dealing with fertility. I now have a 2yo and everyday I sit in amazement that he is mine and that I am a Mommy. I am sitting her commenting on your journal as Ryan is dancing to the Wiggles. Enjoy every moment because they grow up so fast. I really can’t wait to hear all about your appointments and twinges.

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