Dr. Appt (9w6d)

Today’s doctor appointment was pretty quick, but still satisfying. (That sounds weird, doesn’t it?)

Paul couldn’t come with me, but that was OK – nothing major to discuss today. Next time I’ll want him there if possible. But today was just a check on me and my meds, and a check on the critter. It’s like there’s two exams happening at once. While the tech is doing the internal ultrasound, Dr. Schwartz is quizzing me on my blood sugars and how I’m feeling and whatnot.

I forgot to ask for the heartrate, but I heard it loud and clear when they started the ultrasound. Sounds like a tiny herd of horses in there! The tech was either really gentle, or the critter is getting big enough that they don’t have to go all Cirque Du Soleil to get a good angle anymore. I think it’s more of the latter.

The little critter is now 3.5cm (nearly 1.5″) and has a face! The tech was able to get a couple of profile shots – so finally it looks like there’s a baby in there instead of some weird cyst. :) It’s still pretty alien-looking with the huge forehead and all, but at least there’s identifiable parts! Well, they’re fairly identifiable on the original printout – if you know what you’re looking for.

10 week ultrasound

I’m doing well too. Dr. Schwartz loves my blood sugar webpage, and wants me to add a column for taking my blood pressure too. We talked about my concerns about my sugars still being too high (especially fasting in the mornings) but he kinda got on me to relax about it. He reminded me that the “diabetic rules for eating” don’t exactly apply to pregnant ladies. He’s not nearly as concerned about my ‘high’ sugars as I am, and is more impressed with my attitude and willingness to do whatever he tells me. He said that he spends entire pregnancies trying to get a patient to make slight changes in diet or whatever and that he rarely has ever seen a patient as motivated as me to make necessary changes. So that was nice to hear. I don’t think I’ve ever had a doctor who has validated the fact that I do try to follow the rules and be a good patient. It’s nice to have someone telling me that I’m doing just fine and to relax. :)

My blood pressure is still too high though – it seems that the labetelol that I’ve been on forever isn’t working as well as it used to. (Personally, I don’t think it was really working before.) He upped my dose again and wants to see what effect that has before changing things again. He’s concerned that I’m gonna be passing out whenever I stand up. :)

Also, Dr. Schwartz volunteered to call my pharmacy and straighten them out about my insulin. They gave him the same explanation they tried on me: it’s my insurance that won’t let me have two vials at once. So after he called me and told me that, I called my insurance again. I talked to a wonderful girl who double and triple checked with her supervisors that I CAN indeed have two vials at once and that Walgreen’s Pharmacy is full of crap. She’s having the plan administrator double check why the Walgreen’s system might be kicking it back though. Once they re-confirm everything, someone will call me back and then they’ll call Walgreen’s for me and explain to them how to do their job. (sigh) Having insurance is supposed to make health care easier, isn’t it?

Next appointment is on December 30th at 9:30am. Really hoping Paul can come to that one. They’ll be doing the nuchal fold test then. But in the meantime, things are progressing just as they should. I’m still pretty dang tired, but that’s to be expected right now.

4 thoughts on “Dr. Appt (9w6d)

  1. I’m glad to hear everything sounded good (well, except BP) at your appointment. So did they tell you if you’ll get the Nuchal Fold Test results right away or if they have to send them out for analysis off-site?

  2. Yay! You got a little peanut-sized baby in there! That’s great that you’re staying on top of the diabetes. You’re already doing better than my diabetic sister did with any of her 5 pregnancies.

  3. Lisa, they didn’t really talk about the test and how it will play out. I assume I’ll find out at the next appointment. I wouldn’t be surprised if they can give the results right away, since they specialize in this kind of testing.

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