Milestone (10w)

So as of today I am the chauffeur of a Fetus. We bid a wistful goodbye to the 4 weeks of being an embryo, and move with great purpose onto being a fetus. Tiny vital organs are in place (and in come cases, WORKING) and will continue to grow – but the kinda scary embryo time is over. The foundations of all everything have been laid. I am more than a bit relieved.

Also, it’s kicking and wiggling like a little fiend. I can’t feel it yet, but it’s starting to have some motor functions and is just flopping around in there, enjoying the spacious accommodations while there’s still room. (It feels weird to call the little critter “it” but we won’t know for at least a month yet what the sex is. It’s already set as of this week, but the little bits are too small to see on an ultrasound for another 4-6 weeks.)

5 thoughts on “Milestone (10w)

  1. We also called Liam “it” until we found out. And we’re so glad we found out as soon as possible. Makes it SO much easier to prepare and the baby shower will be that much more organized.

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