Limited Engagement (28w6d)

Great appointment today, and apparently Dr. Scarypants was only available for a limited engagement – cuz he was nowhere to be seen today.

Today was (once again) a short, boring, good appointment. Highlights:

  • Blood Pressure was 138/85 on the first attempt (granted, the machine pumped up twice) which was VERY happy-making for Dr. Schwartz. Usually we have to take it again at the end of my appointment to get it that low. So Dr. Schwartz was very happy to see that.
  • I lost a half a pound. I was expecting to show a gain of at least a pound. So that was surprising. None of it makes any sense to me, cuz I’m totally eating. A lot. My belly is getting bigger. But whatever, I’ll take it!
  • Holy Cats! My kid is getting big! Misty (my favorite nurse) took a minute to have a look around and I was SHOCKED at how big my little boy is getting! I was convinced that Misty had the ultrasound zoomed in, because he looked SO BIG, and I couldn’t see all of him on the screen. His spine looked huge, with easily visible vertebrae! And OMG, he has HAIR!! Misty got a picture for me – but there’s no doubt he’s got quite a bit of hair already! And honestly, I don’t want to think about how big his head is already.

A little bump in my insulin, but that’s the only change. It’s expected, really – just part of the insulin resistance that comes with pregnancy. Dr. Schwartz cautioned me that if I’m starving when I’m up in the middle of the night to pee, that I should probably be eating something. He asked me to take my blood sugar if I think about it – just to make sure that the middle-of-the-night cortisol boost isn’t making me dip too low. He’s OK with my current blood sugar readings – even though I think they’re trending too high still.

My next appointment was set for two weeks, but had to be bumped to three weeks because of a scheduling conflict. The next appointment will be for a fetal echocardiogram, with Dr. Schwartz and a cardiologist watching the ultrasound as they check out every little part of our little man’s heart. Should be a great appointment to get new measurements of our (not so) little guy.

I’ll be 31+ weeks by the next appointment, which means that the non-stress tests will probably start the next week. Twice a week, at an hour or so each. Here’s hoping I can get them scheduled first thing in the morning so I won’t miss much work.

All in all, it was a great appointment. Dr. Schwartz said he hoped he didn’t scare me too much at my last appointment, and that the way things are looking right now, maybe his dire predictions wouldn’t come true. I told him that I’d christened him Dr. Scarypants, and he requested I give him another name now that he wasn’t preaching fire and brimstone. I explained that Paul and I are aiming to have everything ready at home and at work by the 36 week mark (June 19th) so that whatever happens, we’re ready. Dr. Schwartz was very happy to hear that.

Hooray for short, mostly boring appointments. And seriously, I do love Dr. Schwartz. I totally trust him and his judgment as to what’s best for me and the baby. He gets that life goes on, and that as great as being pregnant is, life doesn’t revolve *entirely* around the pregnancy. I have every confidence that no matter how things shake out over the next several weeks that the little man and I are in the best possible hands.

8 thoughts on “Limited Engagement (28w6d)

  1. Great appointment! :) It is an old wive’s tale that my MIL told me about, but apparently, if you have really bad heartburn, your baby is going to have a lot of hair. I remember you mentioning you were having some bad heartburn, and now you found out your little guy has a head of hair…connection? Hmmm….lol Now, ALL of my kids came out with masses of hair, but I only had heartburn with Olivia. :)

  2. The reason you didn’t gain more is that you are actually losing weight. My OB explained this to me. It’s totally cool, it’s just that your son is basically nomming you. The weight gain you did have is, at this point, all him and his associated stuff, but in an absolute sense, you are losing a bit. This happens to larger ladies and is all to the good.

  3. Sounds super!

    Leif – no hair – no heartburn.
    Skadi – hair – horrible heartburn!

  4. Both of my kids were completely bald and I had heartburn with both of them (only time I’ve ever had it) so throw that wive’s tale out the window.

    I also lost weight with both of mine, which was awesome. Of course, I gained it all back right after giving birth but it was cool while it lasted.

  5. I have had heartburn, but not terribly. Just a little near-constant burning at the back of my throat.

    As far as the weight loss goes… meh? I’m just focused on the health of the kid. It just surprises the heck out of me each time that I’m expecting to see a gain based on how my shape keeps changing and instead there’s a loss! It’s like I’m bending physics over here!

  6. For some reason, I always assumed the baby would be a baldy… which is dumb, since Paul is a bear and I’m on the furry side (which pregnancy has not improved!)

    I remember pics of baby Leif – he was such a cute little baldy!

  7. I’m finding it fascinating to tally up how my friends stack up with the old wives’ tales. It seems to be about half and half!

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