Little Dancer (11w6d)

We have quite a little dancer on our hands. It was flipping and wiggling and kicking and WAVING at us. But it behaved just beautifully for the ultrasound tech – even flipping to the other side to give the tech a better angle for the Nuchal Fold screening.

Paul was just slack-jawed the whole time. I was pointing out what we were seeing on the screen and he was just amazed when he finally started to see the little critter on his own. It was pretty awesome! I was laughing and giggling like a loon every time it waved at us! I couldn’t believe how active the little shrimpy thing is!

12 Week profile, over 2 inches!

There’s new pictures in the gallery, and we’re working on putting up the little movies they gave us. (The tech made us a DVD instead of printing out pictures this morning; how cool is that?) Just click the above picture to get to the gallery (or click the “Gallery” link at the top of the page.)

Nuchal Fold screening went just great. The tech & Dr. Schwartz discussed which picture/measurement to submit for review and the “official” measurement. They decided on the largest measurement she could get, which was 1.21mm. Anything under 3mm is just great, so we were very pleased with these results.

They took a bunch of blood for the 1st trimester screening panel, and gave me supplies to (ick) capture all my urine for 24 hours. So Sunday will be fun. But they gotta check for protein and something else, and this gives them a baseline.

Insulin got bumped up a little more (2 units) and Dr. Schwartz is adding another BP med since I don’t think the Labetelol is really doing anything. But he’s OK with my BP where it is, and is happy to see my blood sugars where they are. Nobody had mentioned my weight to me at any appointments so far, so I asked. Turns out I lost 2lb this time, which seems odd to me, cuz I feel puffier than ever and can’t fit into some of my jeans already.

All in all, great appointment. Paul and I are so stoked!!

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