Plus-size & Pregnant (11w5d)

Not so much with the choices, and even less so with the able-to-try-on-first. (sigh)

So I’m taking good advantage of a big sale at Avenue this week and buying elastic-waist pants in sizes larger than what I usually wear. I wore a pair in my normal size today and OMG, what a relief. My usual day-to-day jeans were starting to get uncomfortable, and there’s already a couple of pairs I can’t zip up anymore.

I picked up a couple of longer tunic shirts as well, since I figure I can get away with leggings as long as I’ve got a long shirt, right?

Here’s hoping these larger sized pants get me through for a while. Cuz maternity clothes shopping is gonna be a beast. Maybe I can just live in maxi dresses? (Hrm, Paul would love that anyway…)

3 thoughts on “Plus-size & Pregnant (11w5d)

  1. Yay dresses!!!! I lived in dresses and jumpers when I was pregnant. And I don’t know if you’ll have the same experience as I did but, since I was already chunky before pregnancy, I didn’t grow as much as I would’ve if I had started out skinny.

  2. Sarah, I was right there with ya. I had to buy plus-sized maternity, not only for my old baby weight that I never quite got rid of, but the twins were growing with each child and I couldn’t fit into anything but plus-size. I LOVED shopping at Motherhood Maternity. They have a small selection of plus-size maternity clothes (lots of stretchy fabrics) in the store, but have a larger selection online. :) Good luck clothes hunting!! :)

  3. I lived in Destination maternity and Walmart super plus sizes. But you remember that – you were there when I bought most of it!

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