Lost Shower Gift? (31w2d)

I forgot to mention in my other post – but we have a seemingly lost shower gift… Or at least separated from the herd.

Last week a package arrived from Target to our house. So we took it (along with any other packages that arrived at the house) with us to open at the shower. Inside, there was a packing slip stating that the contents of the package (The Martian Sleeper) was only part of the order and that the rest would be sent separately. Problem is, there was nothing to indicate who the gift was from! The card inside was blank, and the packing slip didn’t say anything about who sent it.

So if you sent us something from the Target website that included that Martian Sleeper, could you drop us a line? We’d like to thank you – and maybe have a hint of what we should be on the lookout for, since according to the packing slip the sleeper was only part of the order?


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