Shower Pics (31w2d)

A couple of pictures from the Shower… Click any picture to see the whole gallery!

This way to the party!Oooh, hooray!  The Martian Sleeper Sarah loved was right on top!Crochet Stegosaurus from LisaPaul enjoying the heck out of filming the shower with our new camcorder (an HFS21 from Grampy and Grammy!)'Baby's First Smoking Jacket'Paul having fun with the wrapping from Aunt Susan & Uncle Ken's gift.Jeanne & TomCAKE!!

A HUGE thank you again to Tom & Jeanne for doing the physical hosting of the amazing day. The food was great, and you took care of every last detail. Thank you for making our day so special.

5 thoughts on “Shower Pics (31w2d)

  1. I loved the pictures, but when I saw your expression when you opened Eeyore and had previously read the story of Eeyore, the tears started coming! I am so, so, so very happy for the two of you. No other child is going to be loved more than your little guy. :) By the way, are your cheeks hurting? You’ve been smiling so much, I am expecting them to burst any minute. :) Love you guys!!! :)

  2. Wonderful pictures! You look gorgeous. =) And I started crying too when I saw the pictures of you with Eeyore. (Still am in fact!)

  3. Awesome! I wish we could’ve been there but with money and being crazy busy, it just didn’t happen. Did I mention that Nick is graduating high school tomorrow? Eeek! We’ll have to come up and visit soon.

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