So many options! (16w)

This afternoon (while Kishou was at the vet, getting lumps ice-cream-scooped out) we went to Babies R Us for the first time. I’ve been doing a lot of research online about all the various baby gear we need, but I really wanted to go somewhere and see these products first-hand.

I was too involved with the details of the strollers and car seats what whatnot to get emotional. But it was really awesome to be in there and not feel like a fraud. We looked at Travel Systems, Convertible Car Seats (the kind that go from infant 5lb to grade-school 65lb), Pack & Plays, Bouncers, Cribs, and I introduced Paul to the concept of Onesies. We detoured briefly into the nursing area, but Paul was getting squicked out, so we cut that short for now. Heh. He can’t even *say* “breast pump” yet. hahaha

I’ve gotten a lot of great advice tonight on a Car Seats discussion board I’ve recently joined on the advice of a friend. We’ve decided how we’re going to work out the car seat situation between our two cars. Paul will use the carrier-based car seat from the travel system, and I’ll use a convertible car seat that will go from infant to 65lb. I’m really happy with the convertible seat I’ve found – it’s safe and high quality, but not nearly as expensive as the Britax brand that has been so highly recommended to me over the years.

I’ve been cataloging my researched items in an Amazon wishlist, but I was gratified tonight to see that Target’s prices are just as good as Amazon’s, and the Target registry process is a lot more accessible to friends and family. (Nevermind the whole concept of being able to physically go and look at stuff there at Target.) I’m hesitant to register at Babies R Us like so many others have, just because their prices are so nutty! I dunno, they did seem to have a good price on the breast pump. (no wait, just checked. Target’s is better on that too.)

So anyway. It’s fun to be finding stuff for the baby. (Is there a point to buying a crib bedding set? Does the adorable comforter thing ever get used? All we need is bumpers and eleventy-million fitted crib sheets, right?) It’ll be even more fun when we know what we’re having and can nail down designs instead of just figuring out what models of crib and stroller we like. But in the meantime, I feel like I’m accomplishing something by finding stuff now.

(Hey moms reading this… I’d love to hear what your favorite baby gear thing is!)

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  1. The comforter with the crib set is a plus. You will be amazed at all the things you may use it for like a a pallet or a nifty traveling quilt.

  2. I agree with Juanita – we did not use Olivia’s comforter in her crib (it was too “stiff” and I was afraid it would swallow her up), but it did have a million uses as a blanket for outside, a travel blanket for visits to friend’s house to give her something clean to lay on, and it is getting used as a regular nap blanket on her toddler bed. I know everything is overwhelming and super pricey, but just remember that you will be using these things A LOT and for a couple of years. Well, maybe not the breast pump, but – anyway! My absolute indispensible baby item was my Boppy pillow. We used it in the hospital and at home. You wrap it around yourself and it is amazing in the support it gives your arms while you are nursing or bottle feeding the baby. My friend, Robin, Nap Nanny ( and I wish I had heard about it when Olivia was a baby. It elevates the baby while they are sleeping and Olivia had nasty colds when she was a baby so this would have helped her breathing IMMENSELY. It is kind of pricey, but, as I said, had I known about it two years ago, I would have bought it. Rolling up a t-shirt under the baby crib to elevate her head so she could breathe did not work. We would up having to have her sleep in her car seat when she had colds. Wow – I typed a lot! :)

  3. eeek – I really should have proofread before I hit submit. It should read “My friend, Robin, swears by a Nap Nanny…” :)

  4. As far as major purchases go, the only thing we ever bought new was a car seat. We were kind of baby-stuff-minimalists though. Onsies are about the greatest invention of all time. My kids lived in those most of the time. They wore onsies all summer and footy-pajamas all winter. And yeah, for the crib you’re pretty much just going to want a million fitted sheets and a bumper.

  5. You have my suggestions already, so I’ll not reiterate here. I will say something to Pablo, however: Get Over It.

    You know I love you (or at least I hope you do), but for a lot of women, especially us bigger gals, breastfeeding/pumping is emotionally difficult. It’s tough and can be incredibly self-conscious inducing for some of us to think of using a part of our body that is so sexualized and often considered the “best” part of a big girl to feed a baby. I didn’t really start to get over it until she was born and I was actually feeding/pumping, and even then it took a couple months to stop proclaiming “I’m a cooooooowwwww!” in hopes that someone would tell me I wasn’t.

    I know the pump looks like a medieval torture device (so says Peter), but it’s a lifesaver, especially if you guys end up having to combo feed. It doesn’t hurt if you do it right, and will only serve to make Sarah more comfortable.

    But that’s what everything is about these days, isn’t it? Making her (and by extension the baby) more comfortable? It’s easy to lose you, Paul, and your feelings and opinions at this time. No matter how decade-married and nauseatingly sensitive you guys are, most final decisions on stuff end up being hers, naturally and necessarily. This will only continue when the child comes, as you two won’t have the time for soul-searching when s/he is making tiny demands.

    I respect your feelings about boob-related issues. They are valid and even reasonable. However, they may also be a luxury you will increasingly not have.

    Feel free to talk to Peter about how he deals with this sort of stuff. He’s standing by and you can say whatever comes to mind without worry.

    And yes, it is all worth it. I say this as I type this whole thing at 5:30am with one thumb on my iPhone while I rock Kara back to sleep. :)

  6. We didn’t use the comforter quilt either, however, random blankets are indispensible! I put them on the floor, in my car to have at other people’s houses while visiting, for the grass in the summer, in the diaper bag for changes out and about, etc. And Skadi now uses them for her “babies”. I love it when she lines up her dollies and blankets and puts them all to sleep. You don’t need one, but if it comes with a set you like then you will find uses.

    What carseat are you going with? Love my Britax’s, but Hans loves the two Graco Nautilus seats in his car.

    I have offered up plenty of suggestions, so I will just leave you with this note… cloth diapers for burp rags. Love those things.

  7. Hey Mamma2B! You’ve gotten some great advice from the above ladies. I 2nd the cloth diapers for burp rags – we have piles of them in every room. We’ve also found oodles of uses for the Boppy – from feeding; sitting; cushion support during tummy time. And most importantly, it makes a great pillow for Mommy & Daddy!

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