Thanksgiving (6w5d)

So yesterday went really really well. I managed to get through the day pretty well. I was freaking exhausted at the end of the day, but honestly I think I made it through better than I have in years past.

Paul took advantage of a lull before the turkey was done and the ovens were full to make the announcement. He got all choked up. I think he was as surprised as me that he got so emotional. He turned off the TV and we got everyone's attention. He put his arm around me and managed to say “This summer you're going to become grandparents and great grandparents.” The next 5 minutes were all hugs and tears. Paul went and got kleenex while I gave more details of dates and the OB I'm seeing and whatnot. Everyone was pretty tickled.

And then, things went back to normal. I went back to tending the turkey and stuffing and whatnot. Dinner was served around 5:45, making my 5:00-6:00 window right on the money. The meal came off without a hitch (well, except for a last-minute table-setting issue) and we all sat around stuffing ourselves. My sweet potatoes were a hit. Well, everything was. I did good.

I started up the dishwasher with all the silverware once we were finished so that we'd have something to eat pie with. Paul ended up doing the rest of the dishes later and putting away most of the food. I deboned the turkey and such before I passed out.

Tom & Jeanne left with Nonny & pie a little after 8:00. Sibyana and Cheri hung around until after 9:00, enjoying pie and talking. I hope I was still making sense at that point – I just remember everything being kinda fuzzy around the edges. I sat on the couch and swayed for a while and then somehow stumbled into bed. I slept like the dead, but I feel pretty good today.

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