Thanksgiving Prep (6w3d)

Wow, today was a long but good day. Dad and Grandma got here around noon. We hung out and chatted while I cleaned up the kitchen clutter and started making pies. I made three pies while Oin and Paul played Left 4 Dead 2 and Dad and Grandma watched and napped. I made cranberry sauce and two jello salads too before we left for pizza at Metro.

We talked a fair bit about insulin and whatnot, but neither Dad or Grandma seem concerned that I'm now on insulin with no explanation.

I'm looking forward to telling everyone tomorrow. Not sure exactly how we're gonna do it. Hafta talk to Paul after we go to bed. But it will be great for family to know.

I'm sure I'll sleep like the dead tonight, but I'm feeling surprisingly good. I got really hungry a couple of time today, but I took breaks and had small snacks. No worries.

Here's hoping I hold up as well tomorrow. :)

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