5 month update (5m1w)

I cannot believe how much Kieran has changed in the last month!! It’s like he went from ‘infant’ to BABY.  He’s so solid and sturdy now.  When he’s doing his happy baby kick & flail spaz-out on our knee thing – you’d swear he’s about to leap off and just go run around.

He talks to us now.  Not just mono-syllabic cooing anymore – but  multi-syllable sounds.  And a WHOLE BUNCH OF THEM.   Unfortunately, he likes to chatter up a storm at his overnight feedings.  Tells me about his day and what he dreamed – or tries to at least.  I spend a lot of our overnight visits shushing him.   We still have a good time on the changing table though – lots of discussions, usually involving blowing raspberries at each other and then cracking up. His little baby belly laugh is such a joy.  He’s gone from being a growly Baby Bear to our laughing happy little guy.

Kieran can now sit up with almost no assistance.  He can sit unassisted, but not for terribly long.  He’s had quite enough of his Bumpo for the most part though – he doesn’t seem to mind toppling over.  Paul works with him every day on little baby calisthenics – getting strong and stronger every day.  It’s only a matter of time before he’s sitting up on his own, and rolling over.  He keeps trying, and almost did it this past weekend.  We know as soon as he figures it out, everything changes.  We’re relishing these last days (weeks?) of assuming he’ll be in the same place we put him down when we turn around.

Kieran is getting easier to entertain – mostly because he can entertain himself more now.  He likes to hang out in his exersaucer – and is starting to figure out that he can spin around to get to the toy he wants.  It’s incredible to watch him interact with his toys.  It’s obvious he remembers what he likes now, and can ‘work’ his toys.  Like the push button on the talking mirror or the froggy spinning top on his exersaucer – he remembers how to make them go!  It’s incredible to watch him figure things out.  He’s SO smart!  (Not that I’m biased at all…)

Growth wise, Kieran is on fire!  We’re pretty sure we can hear him creaking in his crib overnight.  He’s kissing 16 pounds and is filling out his 6 month footie sleepers really well.  His little Charlie Brown head is getting bigger and bigger – and fortunately his hair seems to be keeping up.  He’s got a pleasant amount of baby chunk on his fat little thighs and arms.  We know he’s growing taller because his infant size cloth diapers are starting to get too small – he is sporting the occasional plumber’s crack.  Looks like I’ll be boiling the next size diapers this month!

If you can’t tell yet – we are just SO in love with this little guy.  He is the light of our lives and such a joy!

The Monthly Comparison gallery has been updated with 5 month pics.  (It’s getting harder to take these pictures because Kieran grabs the stuffed animals and flails them around like mad – so catching a picture with the stuffed animal in place is a matter of timing!)

It's getting harder to get a still shot with the Stegosaurus! (5mo)Self portrait before going for a ride on Air Mommy! (5mo)Sitting around with Eeyore!  (5mo)

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