9mo Well Baby and Neverending Cold (9m)

Kieran saw his Pediatrician today to get checked out for this cough he’s had for 3+ weeks and to have his 9-month Well-Baby visit.

Kieran’s stats from his 9-month checkup:

  • Age: 9 months, 2 days
  • Weight: 19.6lb (was 18lb @ 6mo)
  • Length: 27.75″  (up from 26.75″)
  • Head Circumference: 46.5cm  (up from 45cm)
  • He’s dropped to the 35th percentile for height/weight from the 50th, and his body is starting to catch up to his huge head: he’s down to the 82nd percentile!

I was surprised that Kieran had actually dropped in the height/weight percentiles.  He seems so much bigger to us in the last 3 months, way more than just a pound and a half!  Granted, he is moving around more than he used to, but as he’s not crawling or cruising yet, I don’t think the increased activity is enough to slim him down any.  (If anything, I think the whole 1.6 pounds went to his belly and thighs!  He has the absolute most MUNCHABLE thighs now.)

Dr. Hodapp was his usual self, practically backing out of the exam room as soon as he walked in.  (Paul and I had a chat – I’m strongly considering changing Pediatricians…)  But in the few minutes we talked, Dr. Hodapp pronounced Kieran just perfect.  He’s not concerned at all with the slow-down in growth, as obviously Kieran is thriving.  Kieran’s developmental gains are doing great, since he babbles to everyone (Mama, Daddy, Teachers, Doggy, Kitty, Baby in the Mirror…) and is happily pulling himself up on everything.  Dr. Hodapp confirmed my suspicions that Kieran probably won’t bother to crawl – since he’s showing no desire to do it now and is moving towards cruising on the stuff he pulls himself up on.  I was told to focus Kieran’s nutrition on solids, using formula to “top him up” after a meal of solids.  (Ugh, that’s a whole ‘nother post I wanna make… I’m so frustrated with conflicting information about solids/formula at this age.)  Kieran’s tubes look great, which was a relief. (Kieran’s been patting at his left ear for a few days now.)  Dr. Hodapp thinks it’s teething.  I’m inclined to agree, as the drool has started up again and Kieran has been chewing on his hand more recently.

As far as Kieran’s never-ending wet, productive cough: IT’S A COLD.  I really didn’t want to accept that.  I pushed, and re-iterated that he’s had this wet, productive, body-wracking, eye-bugging, baby-exhausting cough for three weeks now.  It’s worse at night, but still very much there during the day, so much so that Kieran hasn’t wanted to eat for a couple of days now.  But, I have to admit also that he hasn’t been running a temperature, and the accompanying sinus involvement has been on-and-off, and all-around not as bad as previous colds.  I wasn’t looking for meds, but I really wanted some reassurance that this truly is just a cold (or 2-3 colds back-to-back) and not something to worry about.  I asked about possible allergies too.

Dr. Hodapp listened to Kieran’s breathing, and had them check his oxygen saturation.  Both were good – lungs are clear, and his O2 was at 96-97.  Dr. Hodapp encouraged me to bring Kieran back in a week or two if the cough is still there.  (I made an appointment for my next furlough day at work, with every hope and intention of canceling it the day before.)  I mentioned the fact that we were unable to ever get in to see anyone at this office while Kieran had his ear infections – basically I got told that we had the misfortune of having a sick kid during the “bad” season.  Meh.  Again, more reason that I wanna consider changing Pediatricians. But for now, Kieran just has a cold and we’re to keep doing what we’re doing: nose sucking and humidifying his room at night.  No need for meds.  If he has this exact thing next Spring, it could possibly be allergy-related, but Dr. Hodapp said that babies Kieran’s age just don’t have seasonal allergies like that.

I’m glad we were able to get Kieran checked out.  I feel a lot better with confirmation that there isn’t something terribly wrong.  So now we can focus on enjoying this weekend with Grampa John and Great Grandma Cat.  We’re going to take pictures in Kieran’s Dodger outfit to celebrate the start of Baseball season and just do our level best to enjoy the lovely warm weather we’re having.

Big ‘ol update

There’s so much I want to write about here – just never seems to be enough time.  I’m not complaining, mind you – just wishing I could find a few more hours every week.  But there’s always dishes to do, diapers to wash, bottles to clean, and food to make….  and I have this silly notion that I’d like to spend some time with my husband too.  (As it is, I’m just starting to write this at 10:00 on Saturday night as Paul is getting ready to go to bed.  I should be joining him.  It took three sessions over the weekend to get this one post made.  Arg.)

I worry that time is slipping by too fast.  Kieran is growing and changing so much every day: learning, reaching, Happy boy, with no teething pain!exploring, achieving.  I need to be blogging this stuff if for no other reason than to remember when he started doing stuff.  (Cuz yeah, I haven’t touched his baby book since we came home from the hospital.)  So let’s see, what’s the boy been up to recently:

We have TOOTH! Two weeks ago, Kieran finally popped his first tooth – and with nary a tear thanks to his Baltic Amber teething necklace.  Our only indication that he was actually teething was that he started drooling again.  (One of the benefits of the amber necklace is that Kieran isn’t a total drool fountain anymore!)  It’s just the one tooth, but that sucker is SHARP!  We’ve got no indication of other teeth coming in to join the first one – so we’ll just have ourselves a snaggletooth baby for a bit.

Look who's standing!Pulling up on things – mainly us.  A month ago, he started pulling up on his crib to get onto his knees.  Now he’s pulling himself up to standing.  Thankfully he hasn’t tried it yet from the inside of his crib, he’s contented to be on his knees in there for now.  But when playing with Paul on the floor in his room, he’ll pull himself up to standing on his crib or the chair or ON Paul.  He does it to me when we’re playing on his playmat in the living room in the evenings.  He’ll just grab a fistfull of my shirt and heave himself up.  I’m convinced that he’s not going to bother crawling – he’s going to be like my brother and I and just get up one day and walk.  I fear that day is coming very quickly.  Kieran will get up on all fours, but he shows no desire to put any forward momentum into play.  He’s lightening fast when he wants to be by rolling around.  There’s no putting him down in the middle of our California King bed anymore, unless one of us is right there with him.  I’ve caught him trying to roll off twice now.  (Talk about scaring the heck outta Mama!)

He’s talking up a storm. Too bad we have no idea what he’s saying!  But he talks and talks now since getting the tubes put in.  He would talk before, but not like this.  I swear he’s making speeches and telling us stories.  His tone of voice changes, and he gets excited. He tells jokes too – or at least he thinks they’re jokes.  He cracks himself up.  But then again, he loves to laugh – so any excuse works for him.  I can look at him and say “Hee Hee Hee” and he’ll crack up.  He’s so much fun to interact with.  He sings along with the radio or TV and with us too!  Oh, and he loves blowing raspberries.  He’ll go back and forth with us blowing raspberries until Paul or I are lightheaded.  He has said things that sound suspiciously like “Mama” and “Dada” but we know he isn’t referring to us yet.

Playing: This kid is a MACHINE!  He’s so good at playing with his toys.  He has mastered closing all the little doors on his 5-in-1 jack-in-the-box thing.  Even better, he’s figured out that if he flops it over, all the doors will close on Playtime with Scout Dog!their own.  Smart boy. He enjoys all the toys on his exersaucer even more now.  The spinning top is a new favorite because Kieran has figured out how fun it is to watch the balls inside spin around.  And if you ask him to show you “Peekaboo” he’ll twist the mirrored face around and push the button to make it say “Peekaboo, I see you!”  He knows which rings go on each of his two ring stackers, and he understands that he can put the shapes in the holes on the front of his shape sorter, but he has to pull them out from the back.  His newest toy is his Ball Popper: he knows how to turn it on and is fascinated by the balls popping out the top, and by Daddy frantically collecting them and shoving them back down the tube.  It’s the best game ever! Kieran’s favorite toy right now though has to be his remote control.  He always reaches for the remote on our bed or in the living room, so we cleaned up the old broken Harmony remote and gave it to Kieran.  He loves that thing.  (And since he’s not getting our phones, the remote is the next best thing.)

Solid foods: I’m still making all of Kieran’s solid foods other than his applesauce.  (I figure store-bought is just fine, as long as the ingredients are just apples and water.) So far he’s tried Greek yogurt, carrots (steamed and roasted), roasted butternut squash, roasted sweet potatoes,Ah, sweet potatoes hit the spot! steamed green beans, steamed peas, bananas, pears, avocado, pumpkin, mango, oatmeal and rice cereals.  I’ve got edemame, strawberries and blueberries on deck for this next week or so as well.  Kieran doesn’t like anything green, but I’ll keep trying.  He’s also not a fan of bananas or mango.  Weird kid.  He gets sent to school with two 1/2 cup containers of food for lunch, a cereal with yogurt and fruit and a veggie.  He gobbles them both, and has cheerios at snacktime too.  He has a big dinner with me at home every night now too – usually a veggie with cereal and maybe some applesauce for dessert. I’m increasing the texture of Kieran’s foods now, as well as making them much thicker.  I don’t feel comfortable moving him to chunky stuff just yet, but we’re getting there.  Once he gets better with more texture I’ll add in shredded cheese and over-cooked pasta to his menu.  Then we’ll start in on meats.  His formula intake is decreasing accordingly with his solids intake, but we’re not concerned – he’s obviously growing just fine.

Sleeping: It’s hard to tell because until very recently, the poor kid has been sick constantly.  He had been down to one wake-up a night, but towards the end of Kieran’s last ear infection he was back up to 3 or 4 wake-ups a night.  I don’t want to jinx anything, but this week we’ve had two nights where he slept ALL THE WAY THROUGH – I’m talking 11+ hours here.  I’m assuming the big solids dinner before bed has something to do with it, as well as possibly just getting old enough.  He usually naps twice at school, which I can only think has helped things too. Whatever it is, I’m enjoying it.  Now, that doesn’t mean that *I’m* sleeping through the night – but eventually I’ll learn how to sleep more than 4 hours again.  To be honest though, as long as we were only doing one wake-up a night: I was fine with it.  There are worse things than sharing a mid-night cuddle with a snuggly baby.  But I’m sure that sleeping all night long is better for him though, so I completely support it.  (I think the current cold is responsible for breaking the all-night-long streak we had going.  He’s coughed himself awake and upset for the last few nights, but it’s only been once a night at that.  Ah well, we’ll get there eventually.)

Daycare/school is going great. Kieran’s teachers love him, and it’s obvious that he enjoys himself there with his friends.  He gets to finger-paint (with pudding usually) and make art projects.  He plays with toys he doesn’t have at home, and is learning to share with the other babies.  Yes, he still catches every cold that goes through the place, but we expected that.  (He’s currently suffering with a new cold, the first one to include a cough.  And a nasty, wet, productive cough it is.  Poor Kiddo.)  Paul is everyone’s favorite Daddy there at school, because he stays and plays with Kieran (and any other babies in the play area) instead of just swinging by and dumping the kid at the door.  Frequently the teachers have to pry Kieran out of Paul’s arms so they can start him on an art project or something.  We will get a book of all Kieran’s paintings and projects when he moves up into the Toddler Room.  In the meantime, we enjoy seeing new artwork displayed in the Infant Room and finding the ones Kieran made.

I know I sound like a broken record when I say this, but Paul and I just love the dickens out of this kid.  We take joy in telling each other Kieran stories from the morning or evening (since Paul and I have distinctly different daily schedules, Paul still gets up early with Kieran – and I have him to myself in the evening before Paul gets home from work.)  He is absolutely the light of our lives.  He just keeps getting better and better as he grows.  And as much as we want him to stay our tiny baby (ha!) we’re excited for him as he engages with his ever-growing world.  We love sharing our little man with friends and family, but more than anything we are so thrilled at the little family we’ve become.

There’s a bunch of new pictures in the main Photo Gallery – The Story So Far

Sixes and Sevens (7m)

This last month has just FLOWN by!!  I can’t believe that Christmas was just over a month ago.  (I’m still trying to get my thank you cards done!!  ack!)  But so much has happened in the last month too:

  • This.  Every time we change his diaper.  Roly Poly kid.Kieran continues to do wonderfully at Daycare.  (We call it School.)  His teachers are really getting to know him, and he has made friends in his class.  Most mornings, he barely notices when Paul kisses him goodbye because he’s already engrossed in playing!  He’s still the biggest diva in the class, but he’s slowly learning to be patient and to entertain himself.  (He just really really likes company – he doesn’t like to feel like he’s alone.)  Watching the other kids is really helping Kieran grow and learn – he wanted to get up in the high chairs at lunch time, which lead to him having his biggest solid meal each day at school.  He’s starting with Cheerios this week after watching the other kids with theirs.  (His teachers are great about helping him try these things in a very safe way.  Paul and I trust them completely.)
  • Kieran is rolling over from front to back and back to front.  He can log-roll around if he wants to.  He doesn’t seem to want to do that very much yet though, mostly because it would mean rolling away from whoever is on the floor with him.  When he topples over on his play mat, we don’t rush to help him up anymore.  And he’s all over the place in his crib.  We’ve had to move all his stuffed animals out from the far end because he’s actually moving around in there now!
  • Kieran likes to play on his belly now too.  He’ll push himself up on his arms while on his playmat and laugh and laugh.  He does a flippy/spin thing on the changing table that would be amazing if it weren’t quite so annoying during a diaper change.  He’s always trying to roll over during a diaper change, so keeping a hand on him is vital these days.  (No, we don’t think his cloth diapers make it any harder at this point really – he’s be just as squirmy with disposables too.  But we are all the more glad that we don’t have to deal with sharp diaper pins though.)
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5 month update (5m1w)

I cannot believe how much Kieran has changed in the last month!! It’s like he went from ‘infant’ to BABY.  He’s so solid and sturdy now.  When he’s doing his happy baby kick & flail spaz-out on our knee thing – you’d swear he’s about to leap off and just go run around.

He talks to us now.  Not just mono-syllabic cooing anymore – but  multi-syllable sounds.  And a WHOLE BUNCH OF THEM.   Unfortunately, he likes to chatter up a storm at his overnight feedings.  Tells me about his day and what he dreamed – or tries to at least.  I spend a lot of our overnight visits shushing him.   We still have a good time on the changing table though – lots of discussions, usually involving blowing raspberries at each other and then cracking up. His little baby belly laugh is such a joy.  He’s gone from being a growly Baby Bear to our laughing happy little guy.

Kieran can now sit up with almost no assistance.  He can sit unassisted, but not for terribly long.  He’s had quite enough of his Bumpo for the most part though – he doesn’t seem to mind toppling over.  Paul works with him every day on little baby calisthenics – getting strong and stronger every day.  It’s only a matter of time before he’s sitting up on his own, and rolling over.  He keeps trying, and almost did it this past weekend.  We know as soon as he figures it out, everything changes.  We’re relishing these last days (weeks?) of assuming he’ll be in the same place we put him down when we turn around.

Kieran is getting easier to entertain – mostly because he can entertain himself more now.  He likes to hang out in his exersaucer – and is starting to figure out that he can spin around to get to the toy he wants.  It’s incredible to watch him interact with his toys.  It’s obvious he remembers what he likes now, and can ‘work’ his toys.  Like the push button on the talking mirror or the froggy spinning top on his exersaucer – he remembers how to make them go!  It’s incredible to watch him figure things out.  He’s SO smart!  (Not that I’m biased at all…)

Growth wise, Kieran is on fire!  We’re pretty sure we can hear him creaking in his crib overnight.  He’s kissing 16 pounds and is filling out his 6 month footie sleepers really well.  His little Charlie Brown head is getting bigger and bigger – and fortunately his hair seems to be keeping up.  He’s got a pleasant amount of baby chunk on his fat little thighs and arms.  We know he’s growing taller because his infant size cloth diapers are starting to get too small – he is sporting the occasional plumber’s crack.  Looks like I’ll be boiling the next size diapers this month!

If you can’t tell yet – we are just SO in love with this little guy.  He is the light of our lives and such a joy!

The Monthly Comparison gallery has been updated with 5 month pics.  (It’s getting harder to take these pictures because Kieran grabs the stuffed animals and flails them around like mad – so catching a picture with the stuffed animal in place is a matter of timing!)

It's getting harder to get a still shot with the Stegosaurus! (5mo)Self portrait before going for a ride on Air Mommy! (5mo)Sitting around with Eeyore!  (5mo)