Amniocentesis FAIL (36w2d)

So my fluid was at an all-time low of 4.5 today, and even with Dr. Schwartz’s Jedi-like skills, the amniocentesis couldn’t be completed today. There was one tiny (1.2cm) pocket he was aiming for, but the kid kept putting his arm there when Dr. Schwartz got close with the needle. Paul watched on the monitor as they tried and tried to get into the pocket they were aiming at.

I got jabbed twice though. Not as bad as I thought it would be at all. The pressure was the worst part – until the contractions started. (It’s two hours later and they’re still happening…) It wasn’t pleasant by any means, but I’m not shaking in my boots at the prospect of another one.

So the plan is to wait another week. Since we can’t absolutely confirm that the little guy’s lungs are mature enough to be on the outside, we hang out. I’m still doing OK enough (surprisingly) that we have time before things get to a crisis point. So we’ll continue monitoring me this week, and on Friday I’ll be checked by one of the other doctors in the office. If he sees a big pocket of fluid, they’ll probably go ahead and attempt an amnio – but if not, it’s not a problem. I’m scheduled to arrive at the hospital at 7:30 on Sunday evening to start the induction. Dr. Schwartz will come straight from the airport on Monday morning to check on me, and we’ll take it from there. (Friday’s potential amnio would only be to tell us something wasn’t right – not to give us the go-ahead to induce. The default now has been flipped to induce, as opposed to waiting for confirmation.)

We were pretty disappointed. Paul and I had worked this weekend to get ourselves to a good head space for having the kid today. We felt ready. (well, as ready as one can feel…) So it was a pretty big let down today, and Dr. Schwartz recognized that. But we agree with him that discretion is the better part of valor and to err on the side of caution is a much better way to go right now. Paul is concerned for me having to stick it out another week, but I’m fine. Letting the little man have an extra week is all to the good for him, and I can put up with basically anything for another 6 days.

I’ll be going in to start the induction process at 7:30 on Sunday June 27. It’s entirely possible that the whole process will take 2-3 days. Paul’s birthday is Wednesday the 30th. Could be fun if his son shares his birthday. (Considering Paul was born on his parent’s 3rd anniversary.)

For now though, we’re finally back home. The appointment today was over three hours long with 30 minutes of monitoring before and after the amnio. We know what a contraction looks like on the monitor now! I’m dead on my feet and in a fair amount of pain in my upper-mid back and from the continuing contractions, so I’m gonna lay down for a nap. I’ll be working the rest of this week, so I will be staying busy between monitoring appointments on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.

Sorry for the big build up to nothing, folks.

9 thoughts on “Amniocentesis FAIL (36w2d)

  1. *hugs* I’m sure it’s got to be hard to be told to wait after this much of a build up. But as you said, staying inside is good for the little one so long as you can handle it. I’m glad you are doing well enough that they are comfortable with the plan to leave him inside for a while longer. I’m also glad the amnio wasn’t as horrid as feared. While it would be fun for the little one to share Paul’s birthday, for your sake I’ll hope that labor doesn’t take that long after induction.

  2. I don’t know why they think the induction process will take 2-3 days. I was induced both times and had both babies within 24 hours. Try to get some rest now. You will need it for the next two decades. xxx

  3. Susan, were you induced because you were late? When and why one is induced makes a huge difference as to how long it takes.

    I could go in 24 hours – but I’ve been warned that because we’re going early, the process can take a very long time. I’m not dilated in the slightest at this point, so just getting that started can take 12-24 hours before they can start the pitocin, which can also take 12+ hours to even start working.

    Naturally, I’m hoping to not spend 2-3 days in a hospital bed without food or drink *before* having the kid, but I’m open to whatever is necessary to get the little guy out healthy.

  4. I can totally imagine how disappointed you must feel, but it’s really so much better for him to be inside for another week. And if I could have had an extra week before Connor was born I’d have taken it. Honestly, take as much advantage of it as you can – you’ll be sorry later if you don’t.

  5. We’re basically there already from this weekend, since we thought we would be at the hospital tonight. The freezer is packed full of dinners, all the baby’s clothes and diapers are washed, the pack & play is set up… I think we’re about as ready as we can be. :)

  6. Lisa, you are a true friend. Everyone else thinks it would be nifty to have the 3rd thing on June 30th.

    love you.

  7. You have a great attitude and an even greater support system. After all this time cooking, another six days will do wonders for the little guy! I know it is going to seem like the longest week EVER, but try to get some rest. :)

  8. See…. I jinxed you by saying I wanted him to wait a week and be born on the 27th (my birthday). I guess I should have kept my mouth shut huh??

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