Couple of Notes (34w5d)

1) You may have noticed that the dates on the posts rolled back by two days. The actual count we’ve been using this whole time was based on an ultrasound dating from my 2nd ultrasound – way early on. My official due date never was changed from July 17th.

But now that the gestation date makes SO MUCH difference, I’m reverting back to the original count based strictly on the original due date. Mind you, the little man has measured all over the place based on ultrasounds – he was measuring more than 2 weeks ahead on length at one point. But Dr. Schwartz is going strictly by due date, so we are too.

2) Breastfeeding class was tonight, and it was fantastic!! I’ve been doing a lot of reading, research, and asking other mamas about BFing, but 3 hours with a lactation consultant that included a video of actual mothers breastfeeding their babies was SO helpful. The instructor sat with us after the class was over and answered our questions about how things will be different because our little guy is coming early. I learned that I do have the right to refuse formula at the hospital, no matter what the baby’s blood sugar is. No one is gonna be happy about it, but it’s my right. I’m not saying that I will refuse it absolutely, but I am SO glad to know that I can. If nursing and skin-to-skin contact doesn’t help his blood sugar, then *maybe* formula will be OK – but I want Paul and I to have the opportunity to try all other methods of helping our baby before resorting to something with 2-week repercussions, especially if he is stable enough to be nursing at all. (And to that end, if he’s not able to breastfeed for some reason, I can request he be fed through an NG tube or from a cup – he doesn’t *have* to get a bottle.)

2a) Dude, breastfeeding is freaking AMAZING. I am gonna be SUPERWOMAN – with the ability to give my baby EVERYTHING he needs. I am confident that my body will do what it’s supposed to do and that breastfeeding will go just great. I’m looking forward to it. Paul completely supports it.

2b) Melt-my-heart moment tonight: Paul asking the LC about how to do “Kangaroo Kare” with our little guy in case I have a cesarean or he ends up in the NICU. He’s planning on bringing button-down shirts to the hospital now so he can comfortably cuddle his son skin-to-skin.

3) I have a highly recommend pediatrician to call tomorrow to schedule an appointment with. I’ve been meaning to look for one, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Fixing that.

4) No, we still don’t have a name yet. We’re working on it. There’s a list. We’re not just holding out cuz we can. Really.

I think we’re both excited, but I know I’m a little freaked out. It’s not like there’s a ton of stuff to do still – but things just got REALLY real. There’s a date, and an appointment. Holy cats.

4 thoughts on “Couple of Notes (34w5d)

  1. Hey – when Jimmy was born (another c-section), he wasn’t latching on properly, so I pumped. The the nurses attached a tube to the bottle, taped it to Jim’s finger, and *ta-da* breastmilk came out of Daddy’s finger! Jimmy had a really good sucking reflex, but not so much with the latching. We had to do that for a few days until he learned to properly latch on. :)

  2. Keep an open mind about everything! Leif didn’t need formula, he was fine with colustrum. Skadi had other “issues”. After crying solid for what seemed like hours on day two, inconsolable, it dawned on us she may not be getting the food she needed from my colustrum (or lack of it). She had formula until my milk came in and she was a different newborn with formula in her belly (thankfully). Every child is different. Skadi also had a tortuous cord which meant she was not getting the nutrients she needed in the womb. All related? Who knows.

  3. The vast majority of babies learn to nurse very quickly and very well or we all would not be here! Don’t borrow trouble – expect everything to go well. If you have to go to formula that is not a failure on your part: just a way of caring for your baby.

    Some breastfed babies cry a lot and others don’t (Andy cried about 18 hours per day for about 8 months old. If he had been #1 we never would have had another.) Some breastfed babies do not sleep well while others sleep thru right away. (Jim did not sleep thru the night until he was in kindergarden – Andy slept thru at 3 weeks!) But in the end, they are both great and we survived. You will, too.

    Try your best to relax and roll with what comes. It is easy to say but hard to do, I know.

  4. I’m glad to hear you and Paul are doing well. Were so excited for you guys. You are going to awesome parents. I will continue to read your blog so I can keep ip to date. I find it very interesting. I miss having a little one in the house. McKenna is growing up to be quite the little girl. Maybe we should try for
    another!!! I don’t think Jo-Anna will go for it. Oh well. Take care and keep in touch.

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