Good Enough? (32w1d)

I’m beginning to stress a bit. The need to get everything bought and ready for when the baby gets here is getting a little overwhelming.

YES, I know that technically NOTHING has to be purchased and/or ready except a laundry basket and some towels for a makeshift bassinet. (And a properly-installed car seat.) But that answer doesn’t really cut it. It’s not like it’s going to be so much easier to go out and purchase stuff after the baby gets here. So please don’t tell me that I’m concerned for no reason.

I want to find the perfect bouncer and washcloths and diaper pad and wipes and wetbags and baby socks and onesies….. But there’s so many dang options for everything. I’m getting all wound up, and I know that this has to be pregnancy hormones talking – but it’s upsetting.

I just want to do right by my son. I have no way of knowing if he’ll hate a bouncer until we put him in it. Also, I would really love a clue as to how big he’ll be when he finally gets here because I don’t know what size onesies to buy him. (We’re totally set for rompers and outfits, but the undies part of the equation – the onesie – we’re seriously lacking in.)

Gah. How the hell do you ever know if you’re good enough?

6 thoughts on “Good Enough? (32w1d)

  1. All I had when my son was born 6 years ago was a few romper suits, a blanket, nappies and a car seat. Oh and a teddy. I kid you not! (I was too nervous to shop!!) He now has a wardrobe to rival Imelda Marcos!! You’ll be fine, honest.

  2. The fact this is all stressing you so much proves you will be a great mum. Because you care :) Never doubt you are good enough

    Believe it or not, I did find it easier to shop after the baby was born … I loved going to the shops with a new baby in the pram. It’s fun. The pregnancy hormones that are making every decision so important will ease off, and actually having the baby out and in your arms puts things into a bit of perspective :)

    Oh, and I also got a LOT of gifts when each of the girls were born.

    No reason why Paul can’t go to the shop and buy some onesies when your little man arrives and you know a size ..

    It will all be great! You will be great!

  3. No harm in buying two sizes of onesies. He will grow into the larger one :). Deep breath, Sarah. You are almost there :)

  4. You are a good Mom, and Paul is a good Dad. You should not worry about having everything. Some babies are born without a crib,blankets or even diapers and they survive just fine. The day we brought Taylor home from the hospital we had to stop @ the store for some things. You won’t be alone for awhile so try to not stress over these little things. Remember to breathe and ‘exhale’ you’ll be OK and so will he. Luv Ya!!

  5. Whoa, Momma – deep breathe in and out. Breathe! You and Paul are going to be fine. Like some other comments already said, buy a few different sizes of onesies. Considering he is already on the “bigger” side, he will probably be in a minimum of 3 months in the onesies…if he is bigger, don’t worry – onesies STRETCH quite a bit! lol As for the baby socks, no matter what you get, they are going to fall off. Even the ones that say they won’t, they do after a few minutes of the baby rubbing their feet together, so, just buy a few different ones at first and see which one your boy seems to like the best. You have an awesome support system and AFTER your little guy arrives, things will smooth out a bit and you can send an army of people to the store to get more of the same or different brands/types altogether until you find what the baby likes. :) As for the bouncer, Olivia really loved the papusan (spelling?) type that had music and a vibration setting on it. :) You are going to be okay. :)

  6. Well, it looks like you are sufficiently calmed down, so I won’t bother, but I can DEFINITELY relate. I keep reminding myself that I really just need some diapers and a boob and a carseat to get the kid home, but really that doesn’t even scratch the surface. But we’re going to be mommy’s and I think we get a special power when that happens so we get to delegate tasks and get someone else to push the cart after we’re somewhat recovered while we shop for new clothes.

    We don’t have a single bouncer, rocker, swing, or anything right now. We’re hoping to baby-wear a lot and we’ll figure out if we need one later on and deal with it then. We just don’t have the extra income if it isn’t needed and no one got us one for our showers so…*shrugs* I hope the baby-wearing works :)

    Also, ALL I have for him as a newborn is onesies. I have no shirts or rompers or anything. I figure that it’s Texas, it’s summer, and it’s hot. If we end up needing more clothes then I’ll just have to send Justin out.

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