Good Enough? (32w1d)

I’m beginning to stress a bit. The need to get everything bought and ready for when the baby gets here is getting a little overwhelming.

YES, I know that technically NOTHING has to be purchased and/or ready except a laundry basket and some towels for a makeshift bassinet. (And a properly-installed car seat.) But that answer doesn’t really cut it. It’s not like it’s going to be so much easier to go out and purchase stuff after the baby gets here. So please don’t tell me that I’m concerned for no reason.

I want to find the perfect bouncer and washcloths and diaper pad and wipes and wetbags and baby socks and onesies….. But there’s so many dang options for everything. I’m getting all wound up, and I know that this has to be pregnancy hormones talking – but it’s upsetting.

I just want to do right by my son. I have no way of knowing if he’ll hate a bouncer until we put him in it. Also, I would really love a clue as to how big he’ll be when he finally gets here because I don’t know what size onesies to buy him. (We’re totally set for rompers and outfits, but the undies part of the equation – the onesie – we’re seriously lacking in.)

Gah. How the hell do you ever know if you’re good enough?

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