Talking Me Down (32w2d)

When we decided to start this blog, it was with the intention of keeping friends and family informed about the pregnancy, to keep a record of this journey for ourselves, and to have a place for it all that wouldn’t force anyone to read it who didn’t want to.

I never thought it would become such a welcome source of support and advice.

Thanks for talking me down, everyone. I know last night I just got myself all wound up a little too tight about all the options for everything. I knew I was getting to a bad place when I started crying over whether my baby would fit better in Carter’s brand onesies (which seem to be rather slim-fitting) or Circo brand onesies from Target. I feel calmer today, am confident that I can make good choices and the rest can go hang. :)

For the record, I think we’re going to go with the Bright Starts InGenunity Automatic Bouncer for the little guy. A little more pricey than some, but I think it looks more secure and comfy than models that are $10 less.

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