SO much, and SO little! (30w2d)

There is so much I wanna write about, but holy cats am I tired.

  • Mother’s Day was great, once Paul and I got done killing ourselves to put the house together. We’re almost done, which is good cuz we’ll have guests this weekend! We had Paul’s parents and Nonny over for a great dinner.
  • Mother’s Day wishes were appreciated, but weirded me out kinda a lot. I do not see myself as a mom yet, and it seems like asking for trouble to take something like that for granted with as high-risk as I am.
  • The house looks fantastic. The Guest Room/Office is stellar. The baby’s room is amazing. My bedroom is incredible. The house seems more open with the slight shifting of furniture, and the removal of a ton of clutter. We’re about 90% put back – gotta refill the bookcases and such. Paul’s parents have been MONUMENTALLY helpful in helping us get our house put back together.
  • My work shower is Thursday and my family/friends shower is Saturday. Paul and I CANNOT WAIT to see our friends and family this weekend. We’re literally giddy at the thought of seeing our friends.
  • We’re having an open house of sorts right before the shower (until we head over to Tom & Jeanne’s place) so anyone who wants to see the house and nursery can stop by.
  • School finishes for me this week, and I am so happy. One less non-baby thing I have to focus on right now is so appreciated.
  • Foot swelling is still epic. A pedicure didn’t help the swelling, but I feel so much better for getting it.
  • Belly pains are increasing. I can’t be up on my feet for very long before they kick in. Not cramping or contractions – just a dull constant pain across what would be my bikini line if I’d ever worn a bikini.
  • I ordered our cloth diapers. Ended up going with a different style that hopefully will eliminate the need for disposables all together. We’ll be starting out with prefolds and covers – which is the modern version of what Paul and I were in as babies. We’re planning on still getting some of the Pocket style diapers too, but not for at least a month or two.

Ok, really. That’s all I’ve got right now cuz I’m falling asleep sitting up.

One thought on “SO much, and SO little! (30w2d)

  1. Once again, I am exhausted just reading everything you have done. Whew! The baby race is almost finished – just hang in there a little longer. :) I remember those pains…they were a smite uncomfortable. Your hips/pelvis are getting ready for your little bundle to find his way into the world. They will go away eventually – just as soon as Baby G is born. :)

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