Sick but entertained (16w6d)

So I’ve managed to contract a cold or something. Cough, throat, colorful sinuses – the whole bit. I tried to put in a full day at work today (locked in my office so I wouldn’t breathe on anyone) but I couldn’t make it and had to go home at 2:00. I brought home work with me though so if I can’t make it into work tomorrow I can at least still get some stuff done and maybe not burn so many sick hours. (It’s killing me that I’m burning paid leave like this…)

But I did get a nice thing today too. On Friday night I was trying to do some baby-stuff research at our desktop PC, but I was so uncomfortable after a full day at my desk. I just couldn’t hack it at our living room desk. Paul suggested (like he has been for over a year now) that I look at getting a netbook. But for some reason, it didn’t seem so ludicrous this time, especially in light of the $11/mo price with a Dell special right now. My new netbook was delivered today, and I’m typing on it now from the couch, with my feet up. I named it Weeble, because it is wee at a mere 10″.

I feel like crap, but at least I’m entertained for the moment. I’ve been given clearance to take tylenol and diabetic Robitussin, but nothing for my sinuses. wah. Here’s hoping rest and fluids will help, and quick!

Allergic to San Diego? (12w1d)

So apparently I’m now allergic to San Diego. I flew to SD on Wednesday afternoon to spend New Year’s Eve with Lisa & Mike instead of by myself at home. (Not that Kishou wouldn’t have been good company.) But within 30 minutes of getting off the plane, I noticed that my ever-present minor congestion was getting worse. By dinner I was completely stuffed up. By bedtime I was a sneezing, watery-eyed, runny nosed mess. If if wasn’t happening to me, it would have been fascinating.

(I ended up having a low-blood sugar issue twice on Wednesday night. I couldn’t make myself eat enough at dinner, and my blood sugar dropped before bed. I had a snack with protein and carbs, figuring I’d be OK. Two hours later I woke up feeling weird and found that my blood sugar was even lower than it was before my bedtime snack. Fortunately I found juice boxes, which fixed me right up. Although I was reduced to not using the straw because I couldn’t breathe and drink at the same time!)

A 3:30am e-mail to Dr. Schwartz (god, I love that man!) was replied to by the next time I woke up to pee. He offered prescription nasal sprays, but no oral meds. WAH! I can’t handle nasal sprays when I’m not pregnant – I’m pretty sure they would be insta-puke inducing these days.

Lisa and Mike put up with my kleenex-box toting & sneezing, and we managed to have a lovely NYE with Lisa’s sister, Donna. We ate pizza, played cards & Wii and hugged at midnight. It was a great way to ring in the new year. Would have been better if Paul was with me, but I know better than to wish for the impossible.

This morning I woke up with a very sore throat in addition to all the other symptoms. Several cups of decaf coffee at breakfast didn’t do much to soothe it. And eating pancakes while not being able to breathe was just WORK. I was winded after each bite, but I kept plugging away because I didn’t want another low blood sugar issue.

We had plans to meet my brother Oin and his girlfriend Cynthia downtown for lunch and the Auto Show before my evening flight home. But after breakfast, I was so tired and feeling so awful – I just wanted to go home. I managed to get my flight changed to a much earlier one and headed to the airport. I was bummed that I wouldn’t be able to see Oin & Cynthia, but I was just miserable.

Cabin pressurization was not my friend on the way home. My ears and face were throbbing with my heartbeat. But within a hour of getting off the plane into the dry, chilly Las Vegas air I was starting to feel better. Tom and Jeanne (Paul’s parents) picked me up from the airport and dropped me at home. I declined their generous offer of dinner to just rest here at home tonight. I have every confidence that after a shower and use of Paul’s new Neti Pot (that’s a complicated procedure there…) I’ll be OK tomorrow. Regardless, I think my own bed with a warm Paul next to me will be the best medicine I could ask for tonight.

So I guess I can chalk this up to yet another pregnancy weirdness. I hope it doesn’t last though, I wanna be able to go to San Diego again while I’m pregnant. And I certainly hope I don’t find any more sudden allergies! (I have such sympathy for my allergy-suffering friends now!!)

Christmas Eve pizza (11w)

This week has been a heckuva week. The nausea that I’ve been mostly able to avoid has snuck up on me several times. Including today.

Today I was off work, with only plans of a quick errand or three and making the Gorman Family Christmas Eve Traditional Northern Italian Lasagna. I made the Bolognese sauce on Sunday, so it wouldn’t be all the huge of a production to make the lasagna today. But for some reason, I was pretty nauseous all day. Making the lasagna (looking at and smelling the sauces) was almost more than I could handle. But I got it made and baked off beautifully in the oven.

Paul and I arrived at his parent’s house with piping hot lasagna and ready-to-be-baked garlic bread. Dinner was served within 30 minutes, to everyone’s great delight. By all accounts, this year’s lasagna (which Cassie had really been looking forward to) was a big success. I wouldn’t know. I took a tiny bite and could barely choke it down. I managed to eat my salad and drink my milk, but that was it. I’m pretty disappointed. I really want some of my lasagna – but it ain’t happening tonight.

I was feeling so crappy, we begged off going to midnight mass with the family. So on the way home (after taking Nonny home) we stopped at the store for more milk. If nothing else, I figure I can get some Raisin Bran down. But while wandering the (surprisingly busy at 10pm) store, I come to the realization that a frozen pizza might work.

So here I sit, typing this post 20 minutes later as the oven bakes my cheese pizza. Here’s hoping.

Merry Christmas Eve, folks. Maybe I’ll leave a slice or two for Santa. He’s probably sick of cookies by now.

First day of unliking… (9w3d)

So today I had a big list of stuff I needed to do. Mostly involving packing up fudge and going out shopping for my two Secret Santas. But yeah, not so much with the being productive.

I’ve been grateful that since I got pregnant, my migraine headaches have drastically reduced. Like to nothing. Until today. I woke up with a headache that just will not go away. Tylenol, btw isn’t helping the pain at all. I took a 2 hour nap this afternoon and woke up with a worse headache than before. And now this evening I’m hella nauseous. I don’t know if it’s because this is a migraine or just because I’ve let myself get too hungry.

But right now I feel like crap. I really really hope this is an isolated event.

Blurp (8w6d)

I got a medium creme brulee latte while I was out running errands this evening after work. I think I just might puke it up.

I tried to muster up good thoughts about the leftover meatloaf from last night and just could not do it. So I stopped at Subway and got my usual sub: tuna with bacon on honey oat. Thankfully they hold up well in the fridge, cuz I'm positive that if I tried to eat anything right now I'd seriously hurl.

Also, I'm frakking exhausted. I'm fairly certain I'm pregnant.


(On a positive note though, I'll be spending as long as I can before I pass the hell out addressing Christmas card envelopes. I picked up the cards this afternoon, and now I'm just impatiently waiting for the santa hat stickers I had to order online to arrive. I REALLY hope I can get these suckers out this weekend.)