Christmas Cards (10w2d)

The Christmas cards finally went out today. The stupid little Santa hats arrived this afternoon! So the word will be out within a few days. We’re pretty excited for people to know, if for no other reason than it’s getting hard to remember who knows and who doesn’t. :)

I told my work at our office potluck on Wednesday. They were pretty shocked, but everyone seemed genuinely happy.

I ended up taking today off of work. After a rough night of very little sleep, there was just no way I could go to work. I managed to get a bit of stuff done today but not terribly much. There’s so much I wanna do (like decorate the Christmas Tree) but I’m just too dang tired. I’m really hoping that once the 1st trimester is over, I won’t be so freaking exhausted. I don’t mean to complain though – I just do what I can and am doing a pretty good job of not stressing about what doesn’t get done.

Blurp (8w6d)

I got a medium creme brulee latte while I was out running errands this evening after work. I think I just might puke it up.

I tried to muster up good thoughts about the leftover meatloaf from last night and just could not do it. So I stopped at Subway and got my usual sub: tuna with bacon on honey oat. Thankfully they hold up well in the fridge, cuz I'm positive that if I tried to eat anything right now I'd seriously hurl.

Also, I'm frakking exhausted. I'm fairly certain I'm pregnant.


(On a positive note though, I'll be spending as long as I can before I pass the hell out addressing Christmas card envelopes. I picked up the cards this afternoon, and now I'm just impatiently waiting for the santa hat stickers I had to order online to arrive. I REALLY hope I can get these suckers out this weekend.)