Pool Adventures! (8m2w)

There are benefits to living in Las Vegas.  While most of the country was blanketed in snow last weekend, we were in the pool at Grammy & Grampy’s house!

Well, we were in the pool for a little bit.  At 80 degrees outside and 82 in the pool, it was still a mite too chilly for Kieran.  So we popped into the jacuzzi and enjoyed ourselves!

Pool (1)Pool (19)Pool (27)

Kieran LOVED the bubbles, and his new floaty thing.  The jets turned his floaty into a spinning ride that allowed him to take in everyone around the pool – Grampy, Grammy, Daddy, Nonny, and all three dogs!  Mama stayed in the jacuzzi with Kieran, of course.  Kieran had to have SOMEONE other than himself to splash!

Pool (6)Pool (5)Pool (7)

We’re looking forward to many many days spent in the pool at Grammy & Grampy’s – by this time next month it will be plenty warm enough!  There’s pictures a-plenty, of course. (And Daddy is working on a video!)